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embedability (18462.20) Ewan Husami about 4 hours ago
It's not from comments is leaffy trolling with the 'moderate user' tab on his page.

This account is just one of many he has, he makes them daily, even more.

One was called FA Rocks, it is FA's work he encourages it.

I won't make anymore vids while FA(g) is doxxing me and flaming me. No Ys or interviews people have asked me to do

I have been jumped on for saying FA(g) has scared people off, but it is true. I know of at least 6 people that would do more if it wasn't for the tranny shagging cloud fapper

There's seems to bit of ambiguity in how the rules are enforced.

If they want FA(g) posting 80's flame memes (no comedy value at all) they can have it

shacklord (7958.62) SpyingDutchman about 2 hours ago
that rule is designed to protect the two most useless most disruptive users...Chokesonchode and Mike C Grande...(The self doxxing tranny breeder)

embedability (17882.00) Neocon Zionist 6 hours ago
Just go look on any of her vids find a comment where someone isn't on his team or says you need to get off LL or something like that.

he flies into a meth and Becks addled rampage of how you are a pussy or bitch.

And also woe betide anyone who that after he blocks you then stalks your channel if you have not shown your 'poosie'. He just goes off chops then.

He is part of the crowd who think you are worthless on LL until you have shown your 'poosie' or live
streamed with

Neocon Zionist (790.00) embedability 7 hours ago
Oh I agree, I just thought it was funny that Gizzard is the old cat lady he's always been. Believe me, I understand his method and what he does before he starts recording himself and adding his 2D effects. As I've said.. he's playing checkers with missing draughts and I am playing chess with only my mind on Master Level.

I took my issue as high as it can far as how things go here and as always, no one listens to me. It's asinine at this point, but I think LL is running on fumes and like many websites they've chosen leftist crazies like Gizzard the Buzzard pedophile over their base, they've catered to "them" and they'll reap it eventually. Like I've said..when Chosenn is allowed on a comment board and others who can actually add something to a website aren't allowed - it speaks volumes about that particular site, but also I am cognizant of how this all works. Websites don't really care about our topics unless they are involved, obviously HH and crew are liberals according to their views and social media - which I can't for the life of me see why anyone has a Fagbook and Twitter at this point or why this site is becoming all that nonsensical hub of disinformation and leftist propaganda outlet , but they do engage...which is rare I suppose, but the bottom line is they only really care if you use

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