Australia: Muslim pedophile not charged because of “cultural differences” still stalking children

Australia: Muslim pedophile not charged because of “cultural differences” still stalking children

A SEX predator, protected by his refugee status, must be deported before he abuses more children. He has already made sexual advances towards several young children and apparently thinks he has done nothing wrong because he comes from a different culture.

Astonishingly, this seems to have been taken in to account by a magistrate who said he would have difficulty in finding the Afghan refugee guilty because of his beliefs. Police dropped charges of child stealing and unlawful assault on a four-year-old girl he was leading away before she realised it was not her father’s hand she was holding.

This determined predator, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been put on the sex offenders register over another assault in which he kissed a boy on the neck and rubbed himself against him. These attacks took place at a Geelong sports oval and the Eastern Beach.

This abuser has since been following children near the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and a Beaconsfield Parade playground and as well as stalking children leaving shoolss. One of the worried mothers is TV personality Kate Langbroek who tweeted a the following alarming warning to other parents: “There’s a pedo hanging around our kids’ school.’’

Immigration minister Scott Morrison is willing to deport this predator but is being held back by Australia’s immigration laws and the leniency being enjoyed by the abuser following the abuse of the boy he molested at Geelong. Although placed on the sex offenders register, he was given 300 hours community service without a conviction being recorded. Mr Morrison says this prevents him from immediately deporting the sex abuser under the criminal conduct provisions of the Immigration Act.

The Herald Sun, however, believes the minister still has room to safeguard children at obvious risk from the offender by deporting him under character provisions contained in the Act.

Mr Morrison is looking at this.

The welcome extended to people of other nationalities and beliefs has made Australia the most successful and well-intentioned multicultural country in the world. But this does not we must accept predators walking our streets, following children as they leave school and frightening them and their understandably concerned parents as this man is doing.

The predator’s arrogant reply to police that the charges laid against him were “not an issue’’ for someone of his beliefs, or cultural upbringing might have given Immigration Department officials pause when he was considered for residency. Instead, he was granted a permanent protection visa under the previous Labor government. Calling for this man’s immediate removal from Australia is not a harsh and reactionary measure under stricter laws applying to asylum seekers. It is a question of protecting innocent children from his sexual attentions.

Australians have lost their lives and many have been permanently injured in defending Afghanistan from the Taliban and its repressive and violent attempts to bring the country under sharia law.

The Diggers have done their job and most have returned home leaving Afghanistan a safer place.

There is no place in Australia for this sex predator. He must be sent home.


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