Blood libel

Blood libel

Let's talk about Jewish Ritual Murders, or like the Jews like to call it Blood libel? Do you believe in it?

Here is some historical record I come across.

169 B.C. – "King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the plundering of the Temple of Jerusalem, found a Greek lying on a bed in a secret chamber. He begged the King to rescue him. When he began to beg, the attendants told him that a secret law commanded the Jews to sacrifice human beings at a certain time annually. They therefore searched for a stranger which they could get in their power. They fattened him, led him into the woods, sacrificed him, ate some of his flesh, drank some of his blood, and threw the remains of his body into a ditch." (Josephus, Jewish historian, Contra Apionem)

0-40 A.D. – Greek philosopher Apion in Alexandria, Egypt, talks about the A Jewish blood libel case.

418 A.D. – Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy by the Jews at Imm, between Aleppo
and Antioch.

419 A.D. – In the Syrian district of Imnestar, between Chalcis and Antioch, the Jews tied a Christian boy to a cross on a holiday and flogged him to death. (Socrat)

425 A.D. – Baronius reports the crucifixion of a boy.

614 A.D. – After the conquest of Jerusalem, the Jews purchased, for a small amount of money, 90,000 prisoners from the Persian King Chosros II and murdered them all in the most disgusting ways. (Cluverius, Epitome his. p. 386)

1071 A.D. – Several Jews from Blois crucified a child during the Easter celebration, put his body into a sack and threw it into the Loire. Count Theobald had the guilty ones burned alive. (Robert of Mons, Mon. Germ. hist. Script VI 520)

1144 A.D. – In Norwich, during Passover, 12-year-old St. William was tied by the local Jews, hanged from a cross, and his blood drained from a wound in his side. The Jews hid the corpse in the nearby woods. They were surprised by a local citizen, Eilverdus, who was bribed with money to keep quiet. Despite this the crime still became notorious. (Acta sancta,
III March, Vol., p. 590)

1160 A.D. – The Jews of Gloucester crucified a child (Mons Germ. hist. Script 520)

1171 A.D Blois, France: At Passover, a Christian child was crucified, his body drained of blood and thrown into the river. (Monumenta Germania Historica, VI, 520; Magd. Cent. 12, c. 14 and 13, c. 14)

1179 A.D. – In Pontoise, on March 25th before Passover, the Jews butchered and drained St. Richard's body of blood. Due to this, the Jews were expelled from France. (Rob. of Turn.,
Rig.u.Guillel. Amor.)

1181 A.D Bury St. Edmunds: A Christian child called Robert was sacrificed at Passover.The child was buried in the church and its presence there was supposed to cause 'miracles.' (Rohrbacher, from the Chronicle of Gervase of Canterbury. Acta sancta, III March Vol. 591); E. Bristol. (UJE)

1181 A.D. – In Saragossa, the Jews murdered a child named Dominico. (Blanca Hispania illustrata, tom. III, p. 657)

1191 A.D. – The Jews of Braisme crucified a Christian who had accused them of robbery and murder, after they had previously dragged him through the town. Due to this King Philip Augustus, who had personally come to Braisme, burned eighty of them. (rigordus, Hist. Gall.)

1192 A.D. Braisne: Philip Augustus attended to this case personally, and had the criminals burnt. It was a case of the crucifixion of a Christian sold to the Jews by Agnes, Countess of Dreux, who considered him guilty of homicide and theft. (Histoire des Ducs et Comtes de Champagne, IV, 1 st part, p. 72, Paris, 1865, by A. de Jubainville; Spec. Vinc., 129, c. 25; Gauin, L. 6, De Francis; Magd. Cent., 12, c. 14, col. 1670)

1220 A.D. – In Weissenburg, in Alsace, on the 29th of June, the Jews murdered a boy, St. Heinrich. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1225 A.D. – In Munich a woman, enticed by Jewish gold, stole a small child from her neighbor. The Jews drained the blood from the child. Caught in her second attempt, the criminal was handed over to the courts. (Meichelbeck, Hist. Bavariae II. 94)

1235 A.D. – A Christian child was murdered and drained of his blood by the Jews on December 1st in Erfurt. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 66)

1235 A.D. – Norwich: In this case, the Jews stole a Christian child and hid him with a view to crucifying him. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates (1847), says: "They (the Jews) circumcise and attempt to crucify a child at Norwich; the offenders are condemned in a fine of 20,000 marks." (Huillard Breolles, Grande Chronique, III, 86. Close Roll, 19 Henry III, m 23)

1236 A.D. – In Hagenau in Alsace, three Christian boys from the region of Fulda were attacked by the Jews in a mill during the night and killed in order to obtain their blood. (Trithemius; Chronicle of Albert of Strassburg)

1235 A.D. – the Jews committed the Ritual Murder on December 1st in Erfut. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 66)

1236 A.D. – In Hagenau in Alsace, three Christian boys from the region of Fulda were attacked by the Jews in a mill during the night and killed in order to obtain their blood. (Trithemius; Chronicle of Albert of Strassburg)

1238 A.D. – Fulda, Hesse-Nassan: Five children murdered; Jews confessed under torture, but said the blood was wanted for healing purposes. Frederick II exonerated the Jews from suspicion, but the Crusaders had already dealt with a number by putting them to death. Frederick II called together a number of converted Jews, who denied the existence of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice. But Frederick's bias is evident in his own words when, in publishing his decision, he gives his objects in calling these people together, "although our conscience regarded the innocence of the aforesaid Jews adequately proved on the ground of several writings." Had Frederick II lived today, he would have relied little upon religious literature in deciding whether Jewish Ritual Sacrifice exists or not. (Chron. Hirsaug., and Magd. Cent., 13, c. 24)

1239 A.D. – A general uprising in London because of a murder committed secretly by the Jews. (Matthew v. Paris, Grande Chron.)

1240 A.D. – In Norwich the Jews circumcised a Christian child and kept him hidden in the ghetto in order to crucify him later. After a long search, the father found his child and reported it to the Bishop Wilhelm of Rete. (Matthew v. Paris, op. cit. V. 39)

1244 A.D. – In St. Benedict's churchyard in London, the corpse of a boy was found which bore cuts and scratches and, in several places, Hebrew characters. He had been tortured and killed; and his blood had been drained. Baptized Jews, forced to interpret the Hebrew signs, found the name of the child's parents and read that the child had been sold to the Jews when it was very young. Distinguished Jews left the city in secret. The Catholic Church venerated the Martyr under the name of St. Paul.
1247 A.D. Valreas, France: Just before Easter, a two-year-old Christian girl's body was found in the town moat with wounds on forehead, hands and feet. Jews confessed that they wanted the blood of the child, but did not say that it was for ceremonial purposes. Pope Innocent IV said that three of the Jews were executed without confessing, (but the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1903, Vol. III, p. 261, says they confessed)

1250 A.D. – The Jews of Saragossa adopted the horrible dogma that everyone who deliverd a Christian child for sacrifice would be freed from all taxes and debts. In June, 1250, Moses Albay-Huzet (Also called Albajucetto) delivered the 7-year-old Dominico del Val to the Jews
for crucifixion. (Johan. a Lent, Schedias, hist. de pseudomes, judæorum, p. 33)

1255 A.D. – At Lincoln, in England, on Peter and Paul's Day, 8-year-old St. Hugh was stolen by the local Jews, hidden, and later crucified. The Jews beat him with rods for so long that he almost lost all his blood. (Acta santa 6 July 494)

1257 A.D. –So that they could commit their annual sacrifice, the Jews of London butchered a Christian child. (Cluvirius, epitome historiarum, p. 541. col I)

1260 A.D. – The Jews of Weissenburg killed a child (Annal. Colmariens)1261 A.D. –In Pforzheim a 7-year-old girl who had been delivered to the Jews, was laid on a linen cloth and stabbed on her limbs in order to soak the cloth with blood. Afterwards the corpse was thrown
into the river. (Thomas, Cantipratanus, de ratione Vitæ.)

1261 A.D. – Pforzheim, Baden: An old woman sold a seven-year-old Christian girl to the Jews, who bled her, strangled her and threw the body into the river. The old woman was convicted on the evidence of her own daughter. A number of Jews were condemned to death, two committing suicide. (Bollandists, Acta, Vol. II, p. 838; Rohrbacher, L'Histoire Universelle de l'Englise Catblique, Vol. XVIII, pp. 697-700; Thos. Cantipranus, De ratione vita, Vol. II, xxix

1279 A.D. –The most respectable Jews of London crucified a Christian child on April 2nd. (Florent de Worcester, Chron. 222)
1279 A.D. – The crucifixion of a Christian child at Northampton after unheard-of tortures. (Henri Desportes Le mystere du sang, 67)
1282 A.D. – In Munich the Jews purchased a small boy and stabbed him all over his body. (Rader., Bavar. sancta I. Bd. p. 315)

1283 A.D. – A child was sold by his nurse to the Jews of Mainz , who killed it. (Baroerus ad annum No. 61. Annalen von Colmar)

1286 A.D. – In Munich the Jews martyred two boys. The wooden synagogue was encircled with fire and 180 Jews burnt to death. (Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1286 A.D. – In April, at Oberwesel on the Rhine, 14-year-old St. Werner was slowly tortured to death by the Jews over a period of 3 days. (Act. sct. II. Bd. b. Apr. p. 697 bis 740.)

1286 A.D. G. Friesland. A Christian child murdered for his blood. (UJE)

1287 A.D. – The Jews in Bern kidnapped St. Rudolf at the Passover, horribly tortured the child and finally slit his throat. (Hein, Murer, Helvetia sancta.)

1288 A.D. Troyes, France: some Jews were tried for a Ritual Sacrifice and 13 were executed by burning. (Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906, Vol. XII, p. 267)
1290 A.D Isaac de Pulet, detained for the murder of a Christian boy at Oxford. King Edward issued his decree expelling the Jews from the Kingdom.

1292 A.D. – In Colmar, the Jews killed a boy. (Ann. Colm., II, 30)

1293 A.D. – In Krems, the Jews sacrificed a child. Two of the murderers were punished; the others saved themselves through the power of gold. (Monum. XI, 658)

1294 A.D. –In Bern, the Jews murdered a child again. (Ann Colm., II, 32; Henri Desportes, de mystere du sang, p. 70)

1302 A.D. – In Reneken the same crime. (Ann. Colm. II, 32)

1303 A.D. – At Weissensee in Thuringen the young student Conrad, the son of a soldier, was killed at Easter. His muscles were cut to pieces and his veins were opened in order to drain all his blood.

1303 A.D. – Prague, the Jews resolved to commit a horrible crime at the holy Easter celebration against a Christian man. Ritual Murder.

1305 A.D. – In Prague, around Easter, a Christian, who was forced by poverty to work for the Jews, was nailed to a cross; while naked, he was beaten with rods and spat on in the face. (Tentzel)

1315 A.D – a royal ordinance of Louis X of 28 July proclaimed their recall: soon afterward the Baille ([royal]official) of Tours had to bring charges against a Jewish ritual-murderer of Chinon, and two of the murderers were hanged (Caro, p. 104)

1320 A.D. – In Puy, a choirboy of the local church was sacrificed.

1321 A.D. –In Annecy a young priest was killed. The Jews were expelled from the town by a decree of King Phillip V. (Denis de Saint-Mart.)

1331 A.D. – At Uberlingen in present-day Baden the Jews threw the son of a citizen named Frey into a well. The incisions found later on the body proved that previous to this his blood had been drained. (Joh. Vitoduran, Chronik.)

1338 A.D. - The Jews butchered a noble from Franconia in Munich. His brother prepared a veritable bloodbath for the Jews. (Henri Desport)

1440 A.D – A Jewish doctor in Pavia, Simon of Ancona, beheaded a four year old Christian child which was stolen and brought to him by a degenerate goy. The crime became notorious when a dog jumped out of a window into the street with the child's head. The murderer escaped. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judaeorum lib. III. confid. 7)

1345 A.D. – In Munich, the Jews opened the veins of a little boy Heinrich, and stabbed him more than 60 times. The church canonized Heinrich. (Rad. Bav. sct. II p. 333)

1345 A.D. – in the region of Cologne, a small boy — "Hänschen"
[This is the diminutive and affectionate form of the name "Hans"] — was taken by Jews on the way to his monastery school of St. Sigbert and in a "secret location" cut to pieces with knives until he expired (Acta sanct., März III, 502).

1347 A.D. – In Messina a child was crucified on Good Friday. (Henri Desport)

1349 A.D. –The Jews wanted to attack and kill Christians assembled in their church at Rothenburg. A Jew's maidservant exposed the Jewish murder plot, and the Christians stormed out of their church and killed all the Jews. (Ziegler, Schauplatz p. 396 col. 1,2. Eisenmenger, entdecktes Judentum II, p. 219)

1349 A.D. – Jews stole the four-year-old son of a Zurich shoemaker and cut up his body; the blood was collected. The body was thrown into the socalled Wolfsbach [literally: Wolf's Creek] where it was soon discovered in the mud. An altar was erected in Münster, "through which devotion increased by the day, until the city renounced the old Catholic faith; thereby the devotion of all their old forebears vanished and was entirely extinguished…" (H. Murer, Helvetia sancta, p. 312).

1350 A.D. –The boy Johannes, a student of the monastic school of St. Sigbert in Cologne, drew his last breath after being stabbed by local Jews. (Acta sancta., aus den Kirchenakten v. Koln.)

1380 A.D. – At Hagenbach in Swabia several Jews were surprised while butchering a Christian child. (Martin Crusius, Yearbook of Swabia, Part III, Book V)

1394 A.D. – the Jews under the government of Charles VI were expelled from France because of repeated ritual-murders of children (26) and other intrigues injurious to the community; in the actual Kingdom of France, there was no longer one single Jew for a span of a century; only in the enclave of Avignon belonging to the Pope did a Jewish community maintain itself.12

1399 A.D – Ritual Murder in Posen, Poland.

1401 A.D. –At Diessenhofen in Switzerland (near Schaffhausen), 4-year-old Conrad Lory was murdered. His blood was said to have been sold by the groom Johann Zahn for 3 florins to the Jew Michael Vitelman. (Acta sancta.)

1407 A.D. –The Jews were expelled from Switzerland because of a similar crime in the same region. (ibid.)

1410 A.D. – In Thuringia the Jews were driven out because of ritual murder that was discovered. (Boll. II, April 838. Baronius 31)

1429 A.D. – At Ravensburg in Wurttemberg, Ludwig van Bruck, a Christian boy from Switzerland who was studying in the town and living among the Jews, was martyred by 3 Jews amid numerous tortures and sexual violations. This happened during a big Jewish festival (Passover) between Easter and Whitsun. (Baron. 31, Acta sancta. III. Bd. des April p.978)

1440 A.D. – A Jewish doctor in Pavia, Simon of Ancona, beheaded a four- year-old child which was stolen and brought to him by a degenerate Christian. The crime became notorious when a dog jumped out of a window into the street with the child's head. The murderer escaped. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum lib. III. confid. 7.)

1442-3 A.D. – four-year-old girl Ursula Pöck disappeared in Lienz. the body was found in a creek: it was covered all over with piercing wounds and totally emptied of blood. On the basis of further inquiries the Jews of Lienz were brought in as suspects in the murder. At first they denied involvement] persistently; but when faced with the body and as a result of strong admonitions — of torture or the coercing of confessions there is not the slightest suggestion — they unanimously admitted the crime. A Christian woman, Margareta Praitschedlin, had decoyed the child into their hands (27) in return for gifts of money. She, too, confessed her crime in full compass. "She has told how she had found the child at a place and had picked her up kindly with sweet words and matched the aforesaid Jews in her violence." The Jew Samuel, "who was first to put his hands on the child and had committed the greatest unchristian murder and torture" was, as emerges from the documents published by George Tinkhauser in Number 10 of the Katholischen Blätter aus Tirol [Catholic Paper of the Tyrol], broken on the wheel and with him a dog. Another Jew, Joseph, was condemned to the gallows and hanged with a dog at his feet.
Praitschedlin was tied together with two old Jewesses at her back and burned. Five Jewish children were baptized. To all Jews entry to the city remained forbidden.

1452 A.D. – In Savona, several Jews killed a 2-year-old Christian child. They pierced his whole body and collected the blood in the vessel they used for the circumcision of their children. the Jews dripped small pieces of sliced fruit into the blood and enjoyed a meal of them. (Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum lib. III, confid. 7.)

1453 A.D. – In Breslau, the Jews stole a child, fattened him and put him in a barrel lined with nails, which they rolled back and forth in order to draw the child's blood. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang, 75)

1454 A.D. – On the estates of Louis of Almanza in Castile, two Jews killed a Christian boy. They tore out his heart and burned it; threw the ashes into wine which they drank with their co-religionists. By spending considerable sums they succeeded in delaying the trial, since two of the three lawyers were of Jewish descent. Thereafter the Jews were banished from Spain.
(Alphonsus Spina, de bello Judæorum)

1462 A.D. – In a birchwood at Rinn near Innsbruck the boy Andreas Oxner was sold to the Jews and sacrificed. The church canonized him. A chapel called "Zum Judenstein" ('To the Jews' Rock') was built. (Acta sancta., III. July Vol I. 472)

1468 A.D. – At Sepulveda, in Old Castile, the Jews crucified a Christian woman on Good Friday upon the order of the Rabbi Solomon Pecho. (Did. de Colm. Gesch. v. Seg.)

1470 A.D. –In Baden the Jews were convicted of the murder of a Christian child. (Tho. Patr. Barbar.)

1475 A.D. – In Trent on March 23rd (Maundy Thursday) before Passover, the Jews sacrificed a 29-month-old baby, St. Simon.

1476 A.D. – The Jews in Regensburg murdered six children. The judge, in the underground vault of a Jew named Josfol, found the remains of the murdered victims as well as a stone bowl speckled with blood on a kind of altar. (Raderus Bavaria sancta Band III, 174)

1480 A.D. – In Treviso, a crime similar to the one in Trent was committed: the murder of the canonized Sebastiano of Porto-Buffole from Bergamo. The Jews drained his blood. (H. Desportes, Le mystere du sang 80)

1480 A.D. – At Motta in Venice the Jews killed a child at Easter. (Acta sancta I. Bd d. April 3)

1485 A.D. – In Vecenza, the Jews butchered St. Laurentius. (Pope Benedict XIV Bull. Beatus Andreas)

1486 A.D. — thus a decade after the Trent murder case, in Regensburg not fewer than six children were murdered by Jews in a subterranean vault. The remains of the dismembered corpses were brought to the town hall. In the vault was found a stone block, fixed up like an altar, whose blood-traces were covered with glue (Raderus, Bavaria sancta, III, p. 174).

1490 A.D. – At Guardia, near Toledo (spain), the Jews crucified a child. (Acta sancta I. Bd. d. April 3)

1494 A.D. – At Tyrnau in Hungary, 12 Jews seized a Christian boy, opened his veins, and carefully collected his blood. They drank some of it and preserved the rest for their coreligionists. (Banfin Fasti, ungar. br. III. Dec. 5)

1498 A.D. – a bloody persecution of the Jews broke out on the Greek island of Zante because the populace (43) had been driven to self-help by a whole chain of ritual crimes, which without exception happened around
the time of the Jewish Easter.

1503 A.D. – As Eck was passing from Cologne to Freiburg "for his
studies," he had the opportunity at Freiburg to observe the body of a child
butchered according to Jewish rites, which was discovered "in the woods": "[I was able to] grasp and to touch the cuts of the child with my fingers, perhaps four weeks after the murder." The blood had been smuggled into Alsace.

1503 A.D. – In Langendenzlingen a father handed his 4-year-old child over to two Jews from Waldkirchen in Baden for 10 florins under the condition that he would be returned alive after a small amount of blood had been drained. However, they drained so much blood from the child that it died. (Acta sancta. II Bd. des April p. 839: Dr. Joh. Eck, Judebbuchlien)

1505 A.D. – A crime, similar to the one in Langendenzlingen in 1503, was attempted at Budweis in Bohemia. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 81)

1509 A.D – Several Jews profaned the host brought from a sanctuary dealer and murdered several Christian children. (Cluverius, Epitome hist. etc. p. 579)

1509 A.D. –The Jews in Bosingen (Hungary) kidnapped the child of a wheelwright, dragged him to the cellar, tortured him horribly, opened all his veins and sucked out the blood with quills. Afterwards they threw his body in a hedge, which the Jews admitted after repeated denials. (Ziegler Schonplatz p. 588, col. 1,2)

1510 A.D. – In Berlin, the Jews Salomon, Jacob, Aaron, Levi Isaac, Rabbi Mosch and the butcher Jacob were accused of buying a three- or four-year-old Christian boy for 10 florins from a stranger, laying him on a table in a cellar, and puncturing him with needles in the large blood-rich veins until he was finally slaughtered by the butcher Jacob. An enormous trial began, and eventually a hundred Jews were locked in the Berlin prison. They partially admitted to having bought Christian children from strangers, stabbing them, draining their blood, and drinking the blood in case of illness or preserving it with tomatoes, ginger, and honey. No fewer than 41 of the accused Jews were sentenced to death-by-burning after their
confession. All the other Jews were banished from the Mark of brandenburg. (Richard Mun: 'The Jews in Berlin')

1510 A.D Brandenburg: Several Jews were accused in Berlin of buying a small Christian boy, bleeding him and killing him. They confessed, and 41 were executed. ( Richard Mun, Die Juden in Berlin; Sir Richard Burton, The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam, 1898, p. 126)

1520 A.D. – The Jews in Hungary repeated the crime of 1494 by murdering a Christian child in Tyrnau and Biring, and draining its blood. (Acta sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

1524 A.D A Jew named David Saifmacher hid ritually murdered Christian man in a cartload of manure.

1525 A.D. – A ritual murder in Budapest caused a widespread anti-Semitic movement among the population. In this year the Jews were expelled from Hungary (Henry Desportes, Le mystere du sang 81)

1529 A.D. – In market-town of Bösing, which today is situated in Slovakia, the nine-year-old son of the tenant farmer Gregor Maißlinger suddenly disappeared. Early in the next day, a peasant woman found outside the village a mutilated child's body with the hands bound and lying on his face in a puddle among thorn hedges. The type of wounds and the
circumstance of the body being empty of blood steered suspicion toward the Jews of the village, especially since an entire series of similar crimes from earlier years had remained unsolved. The entire Jewish population of the market town was "taken prisoner." A court commission under the chairmanship of the Count of "St. George and Bösing" determined exactly the type of the wounds on the body and proceeded then to harsh individual interrogation of those arrested. The Jew David Saifmacher confessed that the Jew Michel took the child captive and got him into the cellar and after a while a great number of Jews showed up in order to torture the child. Jew Michel confessed how he lured the child into his house on Ascension Day and that "all tortured (44) the said child with each other, and he [himself] had struck the first blow on his head with a hook and then each Jew stabbed the child for a while."

1540 A.D. – At Sappenfeld in Bavaria, 4-year-old michael Pisenharter was kidnapped from his father before Easter and taken to Titting (North of Ingolstadt), where he suffered the most horrible tortures for three days, his veins were opened and his blood drained. The corpse showed signs of a crucifixion. The blood was found in Posingen. (Raderus, Bavaria sancta. III. Bd. 176f)

1547 A.D. – At Rava in Poland 2 Jews stole a tailor's boy named Michael and crucified him. (Acta sancta II. Bd. April p. 839)

1569 A.D. –In Vitov (Poland) Johann, the 2-year-old son of the widow Kozmianina, was savagely murdered by Jacob, a Jew of Leipzig. (Acta sancta ebenda.)

1571 A.D. – M.A. Bradaginus was butchered by the Jews. (Seb. Munster, Cosmographia)

1571 A.D. – Joachim II, Elector of Brandenburg, was poisoned by a Jew with whom he had a trusting association. (Scheidanus X. Buch. seiner Hist. pag. 60)

1573 A.D. – In Berlin a child who had been purchased from a beggar was tortured to death by a Jew. (Sartorious p. 53)

1574 A.D. – At Punia in Latvia, the Jew Joachim Smierlowitz killed a 7- year-old girl called Elizabeth shortly before Passover. An inscription and a painting in the Chapel of the Holy Cross at Wilna proves that the child's blood was mixed with flour which was used in the preparation of Easter cakes. At about this time a Christian boy in Zglobice was stolen and
taken to Tarnow, where another Christian boy was found in the hands of the Jews under suspicious circumstances: both were freed in time. (Act. sancta II. Bd. d. April p. 839)

1574-75 A.D. – In Zglobice the Jews stole a boy whom they carried
off to Tarnów, where already another youngster was found in the hands of the Jews under suspicious circumstances; both children were still able to be freed in time (Acta sanct., ibid.).

1575 A.D. –The Jews killed a child, Michael of Jacobi. (Desportes) 1586 A.D. –In a series of cases Christian children were snatched away from their parents and killed; by breaking down these crimes, Rupert traced them back to the Jews. (Brouver Trier'schen Ann. v. J. 1856)

1590 A.D – in the small town of Szydlow the Jews stole a peasant boy and
withdrew his blood from him through opening the veins and numberless
piercing wounds. The corpse was found in an isolated spot and bore all the signs of torture (Acta sanct., ibid.)

1592 A.D. – At Wilna, a 7-year-old Christian boy, Simon, was horribly tortured to death by the Jews. More than 170 wounds, made by knives and scissors, were found on his body, besides the numerous cuts under his finger- and toe-nails. (Acta sancta III. Bd. des Juli)

1595 A.D. – At Costyn in Posen a child was tortured to death by the Jews. (Acta sancta 389)

1597 A.D. – In Szydlov the blood of a child was used in the consecration of a new synagogue. They eyelids, neck, veins, limbs, and even the sexual organs of the child showed countless punctures. (Acta sancta, II Bd. des April)

1598 A.D. – In the village of Wodznick, in the Polish province of Podolia, the 4-year-old Roman Catholic son of a farmer was stolen by two young Jews and butchered four days before the Jewish Passover by the most horrible tortures in which the most respected Jews of the community took part. (Acta sancta, II Band des April 835)

1650 A.D. – At Kaaden in Steiermark, 5½-year-old Mathias Tillich was butchered by a Jew on March 11th. (Tentzel)

1655 A.D. – At Tunguch in Lower Germany the Jews murdered a Christian child for their Easter celebration. (Tentzel, monatl. Unterred. v. Juli 1693 p. 553)

1665 A.D. –In Vienna the Jews butchered a woman on the 12th of May in the most dreadful way. The corpse was found in a pond in a sack weighted with stones. It was completely covered with wounds, decapitated and the legs were cut off below the knees. (H.A. von Ziegler, Tagl. Schaupl. p. 553)
1669 A.D. – On the way from Metz to Boulay, near the village of Glatigny, on Sept. 22nd, a 3-year-old child was stolen from his mother by the Jew Raphael Levy. He was horribly butchered. His body was found viciously mutilated. The murderer was burned alive on Jan. 17th in 1670. (Abrege du proces fait aux Juifs de Metz, ebd. 1670)

1670 A.D A three-year-old Christian boy was lost by his mother on the way to a well. The boy was wearing a red cap, and witnesses had seen him carried away by a Jew mounted on a horse. This Jew was Raphael Levi. Levi was sentenced to death by the order of the parliament of Metz, and was burned alive. (La France Jive, by Drummond)

1675 A.D. – At Miess in Bohemia a 4-year-old Christian child was murdered by the Jews on March 12th. (Acta sancta II. Bd. des April)

1684 A.D. – In the village of Grodno, Minsk government in Russia, the Jew Schulka stole the 6-year-old Christian boy Gabriel and carried him to Bialystock where, in the presence of several Jews, he was tortured to death and his blood drained. (Records of the magistrate at Zabludvo)

1698 A.D. Sandomir, Poland: The highest tribunal in the land, that of Lublin, condemned a Jew for Ritual Sacrifice, the local court having exculpated him(Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, p. 24, Cecil Roth); P. Zausmer and Kaidan. (UJE)

1698 A.D Sandomir, Poland: The highest tribunal in the land, that of Lublin, condemned a Jew for Ritual Sacrifice, the local court having exculpated him(Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, p. 24, Cecil Roth); P. Zausmer and Kaidan. (UJE)

1712 A.D – Ritual murder in Sandomierz and expulsion of the town's Jews.

1744 A.D. – boy Franz Locherer, who on 9 Aug was found in the forest at Montiggl, slain in the manner of Simon of Trent. have been murdered by an unchristian Jewish hand, with his neck stabbed through.

1747 A.D. –A body of an unknown man was found in a marsh, in Zaslav Ukraine. The boby was cut so, that all the fingers of the right hand had been amputated, the blood vessels opened up to the elbow, and the bones splintered. On the left hand three fingers were missing, the blood vessels and sinews were pulled out up to the shoulder joint, and the bones likewise smashed. Three toes of the left foot had been amputated, while the nails had been torn off the remaining ones; on the calfs, the blood vessels had been cut out and the teeth had been knocked out. The entire body was thoroughly stabbed all over. Among some of the Jews arrested on suspicion was Soruch Leibowitz, who suddenly declared that he wished to communicate important perceptions to the deputy starost [title which was used in the East and equivalent to governor]; on the basis of his statements three more Jews were arrested — and the whole band of murderers was in custody. The long interrogations yielded the facts that the blood-murder had been performed as a decision of the Kahal of Zaslov; a lonely traveling journeyman had been gotten drunk in a Jewish gin-mill and then tortured in the presence of the elders of the Kahal, mutilated and ritually butchered. The tortures extended over several days. The blood was collected in basins and bowls, bottles filled with it and brought into the city of Zaslav to the Rabbi there. Each of the participants of the murder had taken a little of the blood, in order to add it to the matzos.

1748 A.D Duniagrod, Poland: Jews condemned for Ritual Murder by Episcopal Court. (Cecil Roth, Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew)

1753 A.D Pavalochi, Poland: Jews condemned for Ritual Murder by Episcopal Court. (Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, Cecil Roth)

1753 A.D Zhytomir, Poland: In this case, a three-year-old Christian boy was murdered; Jews were tried by the Episcopal Court of Kiev and condemned to death. (Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, p. 25, Cecil Roth)

1753 A.D. – On Good Friday, the 20th of April, in a village near Kiev (Russia), the 3½-yearold son of the nobleman Studzinski was kidnapped by the Jews, hidden in a tavern until the end of the Sabbath, and then monstrously sacrificed with the help of the Rabbi Schmaja. The blood was poured into several bottles. (Criminal Register of the City Court of Kiev)
1764 A.D. –The 10-year-old son of Johann Balla, who had disappeared on the 19th of June from Orkul (Hungary), was found in a neighboring wood covered with many wounds. (Tisza-Eslar, von einem ungarischen Ubgeordneten 108)

1791 A.D. – On the 21st of February, the corpse of 13-year-old Andreas Takals, who lived with a Jew named Abraham, was found outside a village near Tasnad (Siebenburgen). The blood had been drained from him by severing his jugular vein. (Ger.-Akt i.d. Archiv. v.Zilah.)
1791 A.D. – At the same time two blood murders were reported at Holleschau (Moravia) and at Woplawicz in the District of Duplin. (Tisza-Eslar, v.e. ungar. Abgeord.)

1791 A.D. – During the reign of Sultan Selim III, the Jews in Pera killed a young Greek by hanging him from a tree by his legs. (Henri Desportes)

1803 A.D. – On March 10th, the 72-year-old Jew Hirsch from Sugenheim seized a 2-year-old child between Ullstadt and Lengenfeld in Buchof near Nuremberg. Several days later the Jew denied having been in Buchhof at all on March 10th. The father of the child, who wanted to prove the contrary with witnesses, was rebuffed in court with threats and insults. On the 12th day the child was found dead, his tongue sliced and his mouth full of blood. The Jews besieged the district governor of Newstadt at that time until the matter turned out to their satisfaction. The father was forced under threats to sign a protocol, to which it attested that the child, still warm when he was found, had frozen to death. (Friedr. Oertel, "Was glauben die Juden?" Bamberg, 1823)

1804 A.D. – In Grafenberg near Nuremberg a 2 to 3-year-old boy was kidnapped by an old Jew from Ermreuth by the name of Bausoh. Soldiers hurried to prevent the crime after hearing the child's scream. (Dr. J. W. Chillany)

1805 A.D. — The blood-emptied corpse of the twelve-year-old Trofim Nikitin, stabbed to the point of unrecognizability, was discovered in the dunes. Three Jews were made to answer charges before the district court at Velish, (57) among them a certain Chaim Tschorny, who came under strong suspicion of a similar crime in 1823.

1810 A.D. — In Aleppo a poor Christian tradeswoman disappeared. Since she was not under the protection of any Consulate, there was never any trial, although public opinion accused the Jewish real estate broker Rafful Ancona of having killed the woman in order to have non-Jewish blood for the Jewish Easter (from a letter of the English Ex-Consul in Aleppo, John Barker, to the Count Ratti-Menton on 20 April 1840. — Achille Laurent, Affaires de Syrie, H.Desportes, p. 89).

1810 A.D. – Among the records of the Damascus trial a letter exists from John Barker, exconsul of Aleppo, which speaks of a poor Christian who suddenly disappeared from Aleppo. The Hebrew Raphael of Ancona was charged with having butchered her and draining all of her blood. (A. Laurent. Affaires de Syrie)

1812 A.D. –On the island Corfu in October three Jews who had strangled a child were condemned to death. Some time later, the child of a Greek, called Riga, was stolen and killed by the Jews. (Achille Laurent, Affaires de Syrie)

1817 A.D. – The Indictment of the murder committed in this year against the little girl Marianna Adamoviez, was quashed due to a lapse of time.

1817 A.D — Three ritual-murders in Velish, committed against two boys and the wife of a Polish nobleman.

1819 A.D. – Two small beggar-girls were lured into a Jewish gin-mill and
murdered. Numerous accused Jews were convicted of deliberately [making] false statements, but were released.

1823 A.D. – On the 22nd of April, at Velisch in the Russian government of Vitebsk, the 3½- year-old son of the invalid Jemelian Ivanov was stolen, tortured to death, and his blood drained. Despite a great deal of statements by witnesses charging the Jews, the trial was suddenly stopped. (Pavlikovsky, ebenda.)

1823 A,D – In Russia, Velish, a trial stated before the court, hungry children were lured into, and then ritually butchered in, the cellars of Jewish houses. The witnesses (58) knew most of the guilty parties and were even able to describe the events of the ritual slaughterings in all details. One Jew had been so incriminated by these statements, that he called out: "If a member of my family will confess and tell everything, then I will also confess." But the other Jews stubbornly kept silent or screamed and threatened in such a way that the Commission had to interrupt the interrogations.

1824 A.D. – In Beirut the interpreter Fatch-allah-Seyegh was murdered by his Jewish landlord, as the investigation established, for ritual purposes.
1826 A.D. – In Warsaw a murdered 5-year-old boy was found whose body had more than a hundred wounds showing that his blood had been drained. The whole of Warsaw was in a state of insurrection; everywhere the Jews protested their innocence without having been accused. The depositions made to the courts, together with the medical evidence, were
removed from the documents. (Pavlikovski, wie oben p. 282)

1827 A.D. – At Vilna in Russia the stabbed corpse of a farmer's child, Ossib Petrovicz, was found. According to the testimony of the 16-year-old shepherd Zulovski, he was kidnapped by the Jews. (Nach einer Mitteilung des gouvernement Vilna.)

1827 A.D. — In Warsaw Jewish constables kidnapped a non-Jewish child
shortly before the Jewish Easter (Chiarini, Theoria del Giudaïsmo, Volume I, p.355).

1827 A.D. — At about the same time the seven-year-old Jewess, Ben-Noud,
born in Aleppo, saw from the roof of the house of her relatives in Antioch two boys who were hung up by their legs and had blood streaming from them. Horrified over this scene, she ran away crying. Her aunt said to her that the children had been "naughty" and had been punished for it. Later the bodies had disappeared, but she found on the floor of the room a large brass vase, which the Arabs call a laghen, filled completely with blood (Achille Laurent, Affaires de Syrie, tome II, p. 320. Paris, 1864).

1829 A.D — At Hamath in Asia Minor a young Turkish woman was frightfully mutilated by the Jews; the Jews saved their lives by means of high sums of bribery and were merely expelled (H. Desportes, p. 90).
1829 A.D. – In Turin the wife of the merchant Antoine Gervalon was kidnapped from her husband. In the cellar she was prepared for her sacrifice by two rabbis. With her last bit of strength she answered her husband who was going through the Jewish quarter with several
soldiers, calling her name aloud. Thus, she was freed. However, the Jews managed to hush up the incident with money. (Auszug aus einem Briefe des Barons von Kalte )

1831 A.D. – Killing of the daughter of a corporal of the Guard in St. Petersburg. Four judges recognized it as a blood murder, while a fifth doubted it. (Desportes)

1834 A.D. – According to the Testimony of Jewess Ben Nound who converted to Christianity, an old Gentile man in Tripoli was tied up by 4 or 5 Jews and hanged from an orange tree by his toes. At the moment when the old man was close to death the Jews cut his throat with a butcher knife and let the body hang until all the blood had been collected into a bowl. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 91)

1839 A.D. – On the Island of Rhodes, and 8-year-old merchant's boy, who was delivering eggs to some Jews, did not return. Jewish money power took effect, and the court proceedings were delayed and finally suppressed. (Henri Desportes, Le mystere du sang. 92)

1839 A.D. – In Damascus the customs office discovered a Jew carrying a bottle of blood. The Jew offered 10,000 piastres in order to hush up the affair. (cf. Prozess bei A. Laurent, op. cit. S. 301)

1837-47 A.D Buffeto, Fiorenzola, Monticelli, and Cortemaggiore, Italy. (UJE)

1840 A.D – On the eve of Purim a small Christian Greek boy was missed; he had been seen entering a house in the Jewish quarter; after that he was never seen again. It is interesting to note that the time of this event was the same as in the famous Damascus case. Yusuf Pasha, Governor of the island, took depositions of witness and sent to Constantinople for instructions as to what to do next. Meanwhile "at the instigation of the Greek clergy and the European consuls" the Jewish quarter was blockaded and the leading Jews arrested. But "owing to the efforts of Count Camondo, Cremieux and Montefiore" (to quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia) "a firman was obtained from the Sultan which declared all
accusations of ritual murder null and void."

1840 A.D. – The famous Damascus Case, ritual sacrifice of Father Thomas.

1843 A.D. – Murders of Christian children by the Jews on Rhodes, Corfu and elsewhere.

1853 A.D. – Ritual murder in Saratov Russia.

1875 A.D. – At Zboro, in the county of Saros in Hungary, several Jews attacked the 16-yearold servant girl Anna Zampa in the house of her master, Horowitz. The knife was already raised above her when a coachman accidentally intervened, thus saving her. The court President, Bartholomaus Winkler, who was in debt to the Jews, was afraid to bring the
criminals to justice.

1877 A.D. – In the village of Szalaacs, in the country of Bihar (Hungary), Josef Klee's 6-year-old niece, Theresia Szaabo, and his 9-year-old nephew, Peter Szaabo, were murdered by the Jews. However, a Jewish doctor held the inquest, who declared the children were not murdered, thus ending the affair. (M. Onody, ebenda.)

1879 A.D. – In Budapest, before the Purim feast, a young servant girl in the Jewish Quarter was put to sleep with a drink. 24 hours after the feast, she woke up so weak she could hardly walk. On her right forearm, her left thigh, and her body below the navel she discovered red circular wounds like spots of blood, with small openings in the center. Blood had been drained from her. (M. Onody, ebenda.)

1879 A.D. – At Kutais in the Caucasus, 4 Jewish image sellers killed a 6- year-old girl. Between her fingers had been cut with a knife; on her legs, a little above the calf, horizontal incisions had been made, and there was not one drop of blood in her veins. With the aid of the powerful Jews of Russia the guilty ones escaped punishment. (Univers.)

1881 A.D. –At Kaschau in Hungary the daughter of a certain Josef Koczis disappeared. Two weeks later the body was found in a well completely emptied of blood. (M. Onody, Tisza-Eszlar)

1881 A.D. – In Steinamanger the 8-year-old granddaughter of a coachman who worked for the Jews disappeared. (M. Onody, evenda.)

1881 A.D. – In Alexandria the Jews again killed a Christian child called Evangelio Fornoraki. The parents of the strangled child, discovered on the sea- shore, allowed a post-mortem examination which lasted several days and was the cause of riots against the Jews. The Baruch family, prime suspects in the murder, were arrested, but later released. (Civita cattolica, von des. 1881)

1881 A.D. – In the Galician town of Lutscha, the Polish maid servant Franziska Muich, who worked for the Jewish tavern-keeper Moses Ritter, and had been raped by him, was murdered by Moses and his wife, Gittel Ritter, according to the testimony of the farmer Mariell Stochlinski. (Otto Glogau, der Kulturk. Heft. 128. 15. Febr. 1886)

1882 A.D. – At Tisza-Eszlar, shortly before the Jewish Passover, the 14- year-old Christian girl Esther Solymosi disappeared. Since the girl was last seen nearby the synagogue, suspicion was directed immediately on the Jews. The two sons of the temple-servant Josef Scharf, 5-year-old Samuel and the 14-year- old Moritz, accused their father and stated that Esther was led into the Temple and butchered there. The corpse of the girl was never found.

1882 A.D. – Austria-Hungary After the disappearance of a local girl, Eszter Solymosi, Jews were accused of ritually murdering and beheading her.
1882 A.D. – At Galata, the ghetto of Constantinople, a child was enticed into a Jewish house where more than 20 people saw her go in. On the following day a corpse was found in the Golden Horn causing a great agitation among the Christian and Moslem population.

1882 A.D. – A short time later another very similar case transpired in Galata. Serious, a distinguished lawyer of the Greek community, sent a petition to the representatives of all the Christian European powers at Constantinople so that justice might be done: but the Jews bribed the Turkish police, who allowed certain documents in the case to disappear. Bribed doctors declared the mother of the kidnapped and murdered child to be mentally deranged.

1883 A.D. – Once more a ritual murder occurred in Galata. The police, bribed with Jewish money, prevented an investigation. The newspaper Der Stamboul, which strongly spoke out against the guilty ones, was suppressed. This suppression cost the Jews 140,000 francs.

1884 A.D. – At Sturz (West Prussia) the dismembered body of 14-year-old Onophrius Cybulla was found one January morning under a bridge. According to the doctor's opinion, the dismemberments showed great expertise and dexterity in the use of the knife. Although the murdered boy had been strong and plethoric, the dead body was completely bloodless.
Immediately suspicion fell on various Jews, and during the investigation some very troublesome facts emerged. These, however, were not considered sufficient and the arrested Jews were released. (Otto Glagau, der Kulturki, Heft 119. 15. Mai 1885)

1885 A.D. – At Mit-Kamar in Egypt a young Copt was butchered for the Easter celebrations.

1888 A.D. – At Breslau in July, a crime was committed by Max Bernstein, a 24-year-old Rabbinical candidate at the Talmudic college, against a 7-year-old boy, Severin Hacke, whom Bernstein had enticed into his room. Bernstein withdrew blood from the boy's sex organ. After the judge's verdict Bernstein confessed: "The Bible and the Talmud teach that the
gravest of sins can only be atoned for through innocent blood." Therefore, he had withdrawn blood from the boy. The Jews recognized the danger and declared Bernstein to be a 'religious maniac.'

1891 A.D. – Murder of a boy at Xanten, on the Rhine. The 5-year-old robust boy of the Catholic cabinet-maker, Hegemann, was found in the evening at 6 o'clock on June 29th, by the maid Dora Moll, in the cow shed of the town councilor Kuppers, with his legs spread apart, laying on his side with a circular formed ritual cut, carried out by a skilled hand, and bled white. The boy was already missed at 10:30 in the morning. He was seen by 3 witnesses being pulled into the house of the Jewish butcher Buschoff.

1899 A.D. – On March 26th the single 19-year-old seamstress, Agnes Kurza, was slaughtered by the hand of the Jewish butcher Leopold Hilsner. The corpse was found bloodless. The murderer was sentenced to death by the court of Kuttenberg.

1900 A.D. – At Konitz (West Prussia) on the 11th of March 1900, the 18- year-old college freshman, Ernst Winter, was bestially murdered. Two days later pieces of his dismembered body were fished out of the Monschsee; almost five days later, on April 15th, the first Easter holy day, his head was found by children playing in the bushes. The corpse was completely
bloodless. Winter was ritually murdered. The murder was carried out in the cellar of the Jewish Butcher, Moritz Levi, after the victim had been lured there by a young Jewess. On the day of the murder, a large number of foreign Jews were in Konitz who departed the next day without any plausible reason being given for their visit. Among them were the butchers
Haller from Tuchel, Hamburger from Schlochau, Eisenstedt from Prechlau and Rosenbaum from Ezersk. The Konitz butcher Heimann disappeared shortly after the murder.

1911 A.D. – The 13-year-old schoolboy, Andrei Youshchinsky was murdered in Kiev on March 12th. After eight days, his corpse was found in a brickyard completely slashed to pieces and bloodless. Suspicion fell on the Jewish manager of the brickyard, Mendel Beiliss.
The case did not come to trial until two and a half years later (Sept. 29th to Oct. 28th, 1913). In the intervening period numerous attempts were made to lead the investigating officers on to the wrong track. Meanwhile a large number of incriminating witnesses suffered sudden and unnatural deaths; false accusations and confessions followed one after another due to huge money bribes. Behind the accused lurking in the shadows, was the figure of Faivel Schneerson of the Lubavitchers, leader of the 'Zadiks' ('Saints') of the Chassidim sect, who was the spiritual director of the murder. The trial ended with the release of Beiliss, but at the same time the court established that the murder had taken place inside the Jewish brickyard, which was the religious center of the Kiev Jews, for the purpose of obtaining blood. Almost all the prosecutors, witnesses, and authorities who had spoken out against Judaism, later fell victim to the Bolshevik Terror. (Ausfuhrliche Darstellungen des Prozeßes enthalten 'Hammer' Nr. 271, 273, 274, 275; Oktober bis Dezember 1913)

1926 A.D. – The bodily remains of the children Hans and Erika Fehse were found in a parcel on the public square in Breslau. The children had been butchered. The corpses were bloodless. The genitals were missing. The Jewish butcher was believed the culprit. He disappeared without a trace.

1928 A.D. – The college sophomore Helmut Daube was butchered on the night of the 22nd-23rd of March, 1928. In the morning, the blood-drained corpse lay in front of his parentshome. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

1928 A.D – Gladbeck, Germany: This occurred at the time of Purim; a twenty-year-old Christian lad called Helmuth Daube was found dead in front of his home, with his throat cut, his genital organs missing, whilst there were wounds on the hands and stabs in the abdomen. There was no blood about where the body was found and it was bloodless. Experts said in Court that the throat showed the Jewish ritual cut. The Jews set to work and eventually a young Gentile called Huszmann was accused of the murder, unnatural lust being alleged as a feature in the crime. The case was conducted against Huszmann by a Jew called Rosenbaum, and special police had been sent from Berlin to enquire about the circumstances; the President of the Police at Berlin was the Jew Bernhard Weiss. These special police did what they could to convince the Court that it was a "lust-murder," but Huszmann was acquitted. The Bochumer Abendhlatt and Der Sturmer both gave their opinion that it was a Ritual Murder by Jews, and the latter paper was suppressed for a time, and its editor imprisoned. Y. Petrovo Selo and N.Y. Massena. (UJE)

1929 A.D. – The murder at Manau. The boy Karl Kessler was found butchered and bloodless on March 17th, 1929, several days before Passover. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

1932 A.D.– Martha Kaspar was butchered and dismembered at Paderhorn on March 18th, 1932. The pieces of the corpse were drained of blood. The Jew, Moritz Meyer, was convicted and received 15 years in prison. (cf. 'Der Sturmer')

The ancient legends about the Vampire might have been connected to the Jews and their blood rituals.

A strange shifty man comes from lands unknown, drinks the blood of the innocent for sustenance (preferring young children), is afraid of crosses, can be temporarily thwarted by throwing a bag of coins on the ground (will be compelled to immediately start counting them), exposure to the light results in death, etc. etc.
Consider reading Bram Stoker's Dracula if you haven't already.

It is impossible to tell with any certainty whether or not any given ancient or medieval accusation is true or false. But I think it is something that has happened in the past, certainly. In particular, the worship of Moloch/Baal, which requires human sacrifice, has had an uneasy relationship with Judiasm in the ancient days. The usual tactic is to try to paper it over by attributing it to "Caananites" but there is lots of evidence that many Jews practiced this type of blood sacrifice, at times officially and at other times less so. There is stuff in the Talmud about permitting Baal worship under certain circumstances.

I highly recommend this link for those interested:

The Jewish community in Chicago, one of the wealthiest in the world, has always exercised an extremely powerful degree of behind the scenes influence in the Windy City, an influence just as pervasive and powerful (if not more so) as that of the Italian organized crime syndicates, all the more sinister for being far less visible.
Between October of 1955 and December of 1956, a total of five White children, three young boys including two brothers and a friend and two teenaged sisters, were abducted and murdered in a manner which was suggestive of Jewish ritual sacrifice, the liturgical object of which is to obtain Gentile blood to mix with the matzoh used in several esoteric Jewish religious ceremonies such as Purim, Passover, and Kol Nidre at Yom Kippur. The murder victims were John and Anton Schuessler, Jr., Robert Peterson, and Barbara and Patricia Grimes. Both cases remain officially unsolved despite hundreds of man-hours of investigation by the Chicago police. The Grimes case in fact featured on an episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES several years ago, but the show produced no further le

The cases shared certain characteristics in common. The boys, aged 14, 13, and 11 respectively, and the girls aged twelve and fifteen were found nude, and yet none had been sexually assaulted. According to the pathologists' reports they had been kept alive for some time after they were reported missing, although the unusually cold weather in which the girls' bodies were exposed impeded fixing an exact time of death. The corpses showed ligature marks on the wrists and ankles, indicating that they had been tied or restrained. All the victims had been tortured with mostly small, shallow cuts and puncture wounds, none sufficient to cause death of itself. The official cause of death was listed as blood loss and shock due to blood loss and exposure, although 14 year-old Bobby Peterson appears to have resisted his attackers and was beaten on the head with a blunt instrument and strangled into unconsciousness by strong hands with "fingernails like claws" which left marks on his throat. All the childrens' bodies were "drained of blood".

Further peculiarities were observed in the PATTERN of the torture. The two female victims had been tormented by repeated puncture wounds on the upper torso, thighs and buttocks, suggesting a sadistic sexual element in the killers' motivations, but the two youngest male victims, the Schuesslers, had been transfixed through the hands, wrists, and feet by larger weapons similar to nails or a carpenter's awl, inflicting wounds very similar to the so-called stigmata, the wounds of Christ. The eyes and mouths of the boys had also been mutilated in a manner never publicly released.
Another interesting forensic aspect of the case was that the boys' wounds contained traces of an unspecified GRAIN, of all things. Flour for the matzoh? Floor mat patterns imbedded in the flesh of one victim indicated that his body had been transported in a Packard automobile, a luxury car popular among the wealthiest people of the time which was no longer made and which indicated someone with money enough to buy and maintain such an upmarket vehicle.
What is interesting about these cases is not the unsolved murders themselves, but the view which for once we are given of the lengths to which the Jews will go to cover up suspected ritual murder cases. In view of the intense public interest in the case there was of course a lot of media reporting. The Chicago Daily News published an afternoon edition detailing the ritualistic nature of the wounds and speculating that members of a "religious cult" might be involved. Within ten minutes of the edition hitting the street, trucks were sent out to bring them all in; all copies were ripped off the newsstands and taken back to the News building where they were burned.
Eight copies of this issue were obtained by a woman named Mrs. Lyle Clark Van Hyning who published a conservative journal called Women's Voice. When she called the Daily News office to ask why the paper had been recalled she was told that there had been "complaints" about it and it was likely to cause "racial unrest". Mrs. Van Hyning had her own suspicions and sent the father of the two murdered boys, Anton Schuessler Sr., a copy of Arnold Leese's definitive work JEWISH RITUAL MURDER. [Available by e-mail from NSNet]
Schuessler read the booklet and was stunned by what he learned. He then made the mistake of going to the police and demanding that the possible ritual murder angle in his sons' death be investigated. The Cook County Sheriff of the time was a Jew named Joseph Lohman, and he immediately placed Mr. Schuessler under arrest on suspicion of killing his own children. A Jewish deputy named Horowitz was sent to the Schuessler home with a party of men; having ransacked the house looking for "evidence", Horowitz then placed Mrs. Eleanor Schuessler and her family under virtual house arrest, forbidding them to leave the house or speak with anyone on the phone lest they "spread rumors about the Jews." The two Chicago detectives in charge of the case, Irish lieutenants James Lynch and James McMahon, later complained angrily that Lohman's Cook County investigators had destroyed evidence, threatened and tampered with witnesses, and generally impeded their efforts to solve the case at every turn.

Anton Schuessler, Sr. took a lie detector test which completely cleared him, as well as proving that he had an ironclad alibi for the murders. Instead of releasing him, the authorities committed Arnold Schuessler to a private mental institution in Des Plaines, Illinois operated by a Dr. Leon Steinfeld. Mr. Schuessler was rushed right into electroshock treatment, where he died the same afternoon he arrived at the "sanitarium".
There was sufficient public outcry over the bereaved father's strange death so that a public inquest into Schuessler's case was held and Dr. Steinfeld forced
to testify. He stated that Arnold Schuessler was suffering from "hallucinations" and "paranoid delusions" that "certain people were out to get him." Steinfeld claimed that the elder Schuessler had died of a heart attack. (Schuessler was 42 years old and had no previous history of heart trouble.)
In 1955, and even in Chicago, there were still a few honest public officials left, one of them being the Cook County Coroner, a crusty old Irishman named Dr. Thomas McCarron who was also a qualified psychiatrist. McCarron knew Dr. Steinfeld of old. During World War Two, Steinfeld had been prosecuted for giving Jewish boys facing the draft callup various legal and illegal drugs which would give them heart fibrillations, fill their lungs with liquid to simulate tuberculosis, give
them noxious skin conditions, etc. so they could avoid military service. Steinfeld allegedly collected $2000 per head for each Yiddishe Mama's Little Bubbeleh he spared from having to go face the Nazis' cold steel and hot lead.
Dr. McCarron called Steinfeld a liar and a charlatan and turned all the documents in the case over to the district attorney, recommending that Steinfeld be prosecuted for perjury and murder. He also bitterly denounced Steinfeld to the newspapers and publicly stated his view that Arnold Schuessler had been murdered. In response he received an official order from the district attorney to make no more public comment on the case. Several nights later, to emphasize the serious nature of the warning, a small bomb blew the front door off McCarron's house.
But there was at least some belated justice. Several days after the inquest closed, Leon Steinfeld fled the country. He flew to Switzerland for a "rest cure" and one morning was found hanging in his hotel room, an alleged suicide. Jewish newspaper columnist Irv Kupcinet established a "sympathy fund" and shortly thereafter presented Arnold Schuessler's widow, the mother of the murdered children, with $100,000 raised from Chicago's Jewish community– an immense sum of money in
1955-56, worth easily a couple of million today, and a very strange gesture for Jews to make to a Gentile crime victim, a German at that, unless it was to buy silence.
There may have been one final murder connected with this ghastly case. British author Arnold Leese was provided with massive amounts of news clippings and information, including a transcript of the inquest, by his correspondents in Chicago, and he was at work on a definitive account of the Schuessler case as one of the best documented incidents of Jewish ritual murder in modern times when he suddenly died in the spring of 1956. None of the Schuessler papers, which he had been working on and which he showed to a number of friends and visitors, were found anywhere in his possession when his effects were inventoried after his death. The last loose end was tied up.

Jews literally worship satan, an evil entity that requires sacrifice in exchange for good deeds. It's how they stay on top, but deep down they're so damned it ain't even funny.

They absolutely did use blood in their Kaballah magick.
Blood from a child is "pure", innocent and… full of life! What a great metaphor for what they planned to use it for.
Drawing the Tetragrammaton, using it in talismans and so forth. Jews are big into magick. Their religion comes from ancient Babalon.
It's not a conspiracy theory as much as it is a fact. They drew blood from living vessels (the blood was "alive") and used it for magick. Calling people goys and cattle is a good way to distance oneself from the psychological damage of murdering a child.

The idea of a Talisman is that it is inert matter. Using ritual, consecration etc.. you "breathe life" into the Talisman. Thus you draw the desired result, energy etc towards you. Be it for money, healing..whatever. You get the idea.
Blood of a child would be a potent instrument of life giving. Seeing that the image is played out ALL OVER THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD. In a time BEFORE INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA.. it's likely, very very likely, the jews killed kids to get their blood. They still do.
How many thousands of kids go missing every year? You think the Hassidic jews, the same ones who rape boy asses in ritual baths… are not harvesting ritual items?

Over 10,000 asylum seeker children missing, Europol says!

What made me raise an eyebrow toward the Jews was how there seemed to be an endless amount of "anti-semetic canards." Not to mention that there is a special name for it in the first place.

I mean, take any sort of criticism toward a Jew, and there is a way to dismiss it as a canard.

Blood libel
Oy vey, it ain't kosher goy.
You know as opposed to arguing that blood sacrifice is wrong, it's just not kosher

Jewish deicide
Oy vey, we didn't kill Jesus… I don't even know how this one is defended other than just disregarded

Jewish Bolshevism
Oy vey, the Tsar oppressed the Jew. And ignore the Jewish progenitors of Marxism and Communism.

Jewish lobbies
Oy vey, how dare you say we control everything

Kosher Tax
Oy vey, it doesn't cost that much and non-jews like it too

Oy vey, how dare you think your government is a Jewish puppet. pls support Israel

Host desecration
Oy vey, you only have the accuser's word to go off of

Anti-Christian bias
Oy vey, the Christians did it first and we don't hate them. We just spit on them in Israel and refuse to have anything to do with the cross. Please ignore the Talmud.

Oy vey, Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism

Oy vey, Anti-globalism is anti–semitism

Jewish false flags
Oy vey, how dare you

Oy vey, you say that like it's a bad thing and it is your fault for making us bankers

Lack of patriotism and loyalty elsewhere
Oy vey, I can be a US Senator and be a dual citizen of Israel. I promise my loyalties are true.

Zionist supremacy
Oy vey, how dare you say we are not the chosen people

Control the media
Oy vey, just because we own the media doesn't mean we promote our interests

Control finances
Oy vey, Jewishness has nothing to do with our power

Holocaust is exaggerated

I mean it just goes on and on and on. There is no other group that has this many group-specific "fallacies" that they can throw out any time they are criticized.

From the book "Martin Willie - The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice"
"There is little doubt that the Jews and other historians who are possessed by the
spirits of the Jews claim that the "Dark Ages" were from 493 A.D. to 711 A.D. What
they mean by the "Dark Ages" is that the Christian Church kept the Jews under control
and countered their every move to put their Satanic battle plan into motion.
During the "Dark Ages" (the dark ages got its name from the Jews; because they were
driven out of almost every country in Europe at the time, for their wickedness and
ritual murders) they were countered by brave Christian souls like St. Bernard and
others who led forces which confined them to their own ghettoes where they could not
mix their blood with those of our Adamic people or killed them outright."
And book called: "Schramm Hellmut - Jewish Ritual Murder"
"These findings are all the more remarkable, when indeed in this 18th
century the so-called Enlightenment ran its pernicious course through all of
Europe and looked back with sovereign contempt, as if upon a conquered
position, upon the "Dark Middle Ages," which nonetheless showed instances of
incorruptible righteousness, an attitude of mind which was only too happy to a
priori reject anything which could be somehow laid to the account of supposed
medieval prejudice. Even the mere possibility of believing in the existence of
blood-murder or of listening to witnesses was condemned in advance — there
must be a misunderstanding, the death a misadventure, some kind of accident,
to be attributed to some sort of perverse and unfortunate inclination of a
pathetic individual — under these circumstances it is at any rate
understandable, then, that the thus "enlightened" 18th century was not
prepared to solve any murders of the constantly exercised Jewish blood-practice
— and, from pure enlightenment no longer recognized the closest-occurring and
simplest case in its true essence, and above all in its deepest-lying motives.
So wrote the Hungarian Reichstag Deputy Géza Ónody on the occasion of
the great ritual-murder trial of Tisza-Eszlár (1883)18: "In the Age of
Enlightenment and Tolerance we have happily reached the point at which we
simply put aside these kinds of (ritual-murder) inquiries and investigations and,
in short order declare the blood-accusation, repeatedly raised against the Jews
afresh time after time (50) on the basis of new criminal facts, to be an
absurd, dark superstition which belongs to the junk room of the intolerant,
bigoted, and mentally limited Middle Ages — and the raising of which redounds
to the shame and discredit for the progressive spirit of the times and the genius
of humanity.""

all these books are found on internet in PDF.

Tlass Moustafa - Matzo of Zion

Leese Arnold - My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder

Roth Cecil - The Ritual Murder Libel and the jew

Strack Hermann L. - The Jew and Human Sacrifice

Walsh William Thomas - Isabella of Spain

Horowitz Elliott - Reckless rites Purim and the legacy of jewish violence

Martin Willie - The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice

Der Stürmer - The Compilation of Jewish Ritual Murders from before the Time of Christ until 1932

Schramm Hellmut - Jewish Ritual Murder

Ariel Toaff - Bloody Passover: The Jews of Europe And Ritual Murder

using lists found from books "Strack Hermann L. - The Jew and Human Sacrifice", "Martin Willie - The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice", and "Der Stürmer - The Compilation of Jewish Ritual Murders from before the Time of Christ until 1932".

I know that Leese Arnold's book has a list, and also Strack Hermann's book has timelines in chronological order which I haven't compared to my collection. If others can compare my already made list with other book, we can have more complete list of the known ritual murder case.

The second step is to find possible ritual murders, from every local area. Unsolved murders, and missing children.



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