Is Turkey's Erdogan a slave of the west? Or is he pro-Islamic?

Is Turkey's Erdogan a slave of the west? Or is he pro-Islamic?

Turkey seems to be a slave of NATO, and the west. It seems to be sucking up to anything they say. It talks bad about Israel, but was the first nation and first Muslim nation to recognize the state. Even with it's recent quarrels with Turkey, Turkey still stands strong with Israel.

But, is Erdogan planning a change? Or is he the same western stooge that has always been in Turkey?

Remember, Turkey is a nation that hosts more than 80 AMERICAN nuclear weapons. Those same nuclear weapons and that base itself can be used to attack 'anti-western' nations and forces who can't attack back like: Syria, Hamas, Hezbullah, Gaza, etc. Or stronger nations which may retaliate, like: Iran, Pakistan, Russia and even as far away as China".

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