Corrupt cops street theater framed by the police

Corrupt cops street theater framed by the police

The government of us put a chip in me
and have been experimenting on me
They framed me for a crime when i was a kid
and then used that crime to cover up the fact that theyer experimenting on me

they routeinly try to hurt me needle me shank me
run me over in their cars and make it look like its my fault
when in fact this was street theater
these people are corrupt cops

this lady shirley schols has hit me twice in my life
once when i was 18
and now when im 34

My windshield was partially covered in snow yes but i had clear view
both my right and left sides and the front * i was waiting for it to thaw*
i looked right and left no one was in my lane i was clear .
the person shirly schols and nathaniel colbert pulled into my lane front swipeing me
they tryed to accuse me of hitting them when in reality this schene was staged

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