Brave Greek policeman vs angry immigrant mob + attack on police car

Brave Greek policeman vs angry immigrant mob + attack on police car

Among the migrants on the Greek island of Kos there is a conflict, while the overburdened local governments are struggling to keep increasing number of people arriving in secret from the nearby Turkish coast in rubber boats.Many of the migrants camped in major parks and squares Kos town, which is a popular tourist destination. Trying to migrants move to the stadium for registration today failed because a fight broke out when 1,500 people gathered at the stadium, reports the AP.

The police is trying to take control, while dissatisfied migrants blocked ro Migrants are demanding that registration starts quickly, blocking the main coastal road and chanting "We want the paperwork, we want to eat."Hundreds day they arrive at the eastern Aegean islands, and it is the refugees who mainly fled from the fighting in Syria and Afghanistan.

The authorities, local residents and humanitarian organizations struggling to provide registration, food and shelter for the newly arrived refugees, including many children.

The stadium was attended by only a few officers who were conducting the registration and they have tried to impose order in the crowd spraying from fire extinguishers and batons. Hundreds of people fled in panic.

Similar protests and clashes have occurred in recent weeks, to a few islands that are being targeted migrants, including internal and Lesbos, where most of the new arrives.

Greek coast guard rescued 329 migrants from seven separate searches for 24 hours, along the shores of Lesbos and Kos. This figure does not include the hundreds of people who come in rubber boats from Turkey, thus making the island the towns main areas for registration.

On the east of the island arrived at least 124,000 migrants in seven months this year, according to UNHCR data represents an astounding increase of 750 percent compared to the same period last year.

Greek police announced today that 156,726 migrants were arrested between January and July, for illegally entering and staying in the country, which is a huge increase compared to the 32.070, how many were in the same period last year.


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