Report from South Korea: Media Suppression of Public Awareness of Information Possibly Critical to Human Survival

Report from South Korea: Media Suppression of Public Awareness of Information Possibly Critical to Human Survival

Report from South Korea:
Media Blackout on Information Possibly Crucial to Human Survival
by Matthew Dewey
[email protected]

The Report follows TALKING POINTS and BASELINE FACTS as laid out below.


1. Developments regarding information freely available at and threatens global civilization and could result in the deaths of billions.

2. The general media blackout on the dangers posed by these developments.

3. My struggle to raise awareness of (a) the dangers we face from solar activity, (b) government/media negligence in educating us about those dangers, and (c) methods used on the internet to block my efforts.

4. Other major cultural and political developments on this peninsula not afforded media disclosure, even (sometimes especially) on the peninsula itself.

5. Speculation on possible reasons for government/media suppression of public awareness regarding such issues.

Note: this is not 2012 Mayan calendar speculation; these are facts rooted in hard empirical science.

Every fact below is easily verifiable using the search engine of your choice. Even Google.

I am trying to raise awareness of something basically hidden in plain sight. This video contains evidence that my efforts are being consciously blocked.

1. NASA has warned of the strong possibility of a cataclysmic geomagnetic storm occurring between now and 2013.

[search: NASA June geomagnetic storm warning]

2. A cataclysmic geomagnetic storm would likely cripple electrical power grids for months, even years.

[search: geomagnetic storm power grid transformer effects]

3. No power --> no running water.

[search: How do municipal water systems work?]

4. People cannot survive without water for more than a few days.

[search: How long can a person survive without water?]

5. Geomagnetic cataclysm + UNPREPARED PUBLIC --> rioting, looting, etc.

[You don't have to search this one. Just use your imagination. What would happen if millions of people were suddenly deprived of access to drinking water for an extended period of time? Could you trust your government to keep the water trucked in, even if the trucks had NOT been immobilised by solar radiation?]


[try finding how many major news outlets have reported what I am reporting to you now.]


[The Hong Kong government has educated its citizens, as has the Chinese. But how many government-sponsored attempts to educate the people of Western countries can you find?]

8. Corporatist websites like YouTube have been blocking my attempts to spread awareness of these facts.

[WHY? I have my own answer. What might yours be? If my answer is correct, then this is the most vitally important issue to every human being alive on this Earth.]

9. Every claim I have made above, you can verify. It doesn't take long to check the facts. Armed with facts, you can prepare for the coming solar maxima.

Thanks and good luck.

Dear everyone,

I am a resident of South Korea. When this peninsula suffered blizzard-like conditions in mid-April and howling Arctic gales well into May -- weather so frighteningly unusual for spring at this latitude that many citizens were showing signs of nervous disorder, including many of my university students -- and when, during the same period, I began to experience unusual physical symptoms (symmetrically-aligned patches of numbness, shooting electrical pains), I got on the internet and started looking for something, anything, to explain what was going on.

Within about 20 minutes, I had found the cause of it all. In fact, it wasn't that hard to find. All information pertaining to the causes of the bizarre spring weather (and my physical symptoms) is readily available (with updates daily) at the website

What shocked me was the fact that nowhere was this information being reported via any of the media outlets here. That included (and continues to include) all TV networks, all newspapers, and the entirety of the Korean internet bubble (primarily and, where if you search using the relevant terms in Korean, you'll turn up nothing but a bunch of blogs, many of them inspired by my viral information efforts, and many of them written by disinformation agents in an effort to cloud public understanding of this most crucial of contemporary scientific, environmental, social, political, and economic issues).

I went into a kind of prolonged delirium, fuelled both by my fury at the establishment who own the media outlets and by my hunger to know why they should be neglecting to educate the public (including farmers who planted late because of the bizarre weather patterns) regarding what amounts to the Biggest News in the World so that (1) they might feel some relief from the stress of not understanding the reasons for the unprecedented lack of spring, and (2) they might take measures to prepare themselves and their loved ones for a more severe outburst of the weather and/or a general blackout of electrical and water delivery systems that might last for weeks or months, resulting in "social unrest" [read: rioting, looting, violence, etc.], especially in highly urban areas.

I turned my university classes into lectures exposing the phenomena responsible for the bizarre weather and revealing the degree to which the media here had been keeping the public ignorant of it.

I passed out thousands of fliers on public transportation systems. After a week of this activity, many recipients of my fliers informed me that they had received viral SMS messages alluding to a mysterious foreigner who had woken them up to the reality of what was going on. In other words, they would receive the flier and their eyebrows would shoot up and they would say, "Oh! So YOU'RE the guy!"

I rewarded students who started blogs on the subject and who virally drew attention to their blogs. Within a week, counterblogs had sprung up riposting with cartoonish distortions of information, logic, even common sense. The purpose obviously was to confuse and disorient anyone who was coming to a rather complex subject for the first time and experiencing an urge to just say, "Whatever. I'm too tired for this." Or, "I've got TV to watch, I've got video games to play ... this is ... hard ..." You get the idea.

The method, especially here, of keeping most of the people ignorant about certain major global issues hinges on the people's propensity for staying within the cozy confines of their language's internet and media bubbles (which is here quite small, given that Korean is not one of the world's most-spoken languages). But even assuming that a few did venture regularly into the English-speaking internet or satellite TV worlds, they still would have found precious little on the subject of this letter, when compared to the ponderous amount of attention that is paid to sports, entertainment, carefully selected crises, and "issues" that would be better recognized for the non-issues they actually are, if more of us are to change our modes of media interaction and develop the "BS detectors" necessary to see what is frequently hidden in plain sight by the classic tactic of misdirection.

Using Google translate, I explored Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian internet spheres. In all, I found a much higher level of public awareness regarding the space weather. One Hong Kong government site even contained a page, appearing in the top 10 hits of the search, warning and educating the public about the possible consequences of space weather.

Remember, this was throughout April and May -- before NASA, in June, reiterated its dire warning as to a possibly cataclysmic event: a warning that also failed to detail the multiple consequences of such an event, and neglected to educate people as what precautionary measures they should take.

In my efforts to spread the information on the internet, I encountered surprisingly fine-toothed resistance. At one website (, I posted factual information about geomagnetic weather and its dangers to human civilisation. Soon enough, another user had posted a confusing comment full of red herrings. His (or her) tone was snide and aggressive. When I replied with a cool, fact-based riposte attempting to clear up this misdirection, the other user replied with a cut-and-paste slab of scientific jargon. My subsequent attempts to post replies to my own thread were denied. When I posted a second thread calling attention to what was happening at my first thread, it attracted about 35 hits in two minutes. When I refreshed my account page, I was informed that I had been permanently banned.

Returning to my initial thread, I found one more comment. It read: "Damn! Only 5 posts and banned for life! Sharp mods we got here!" This was followed by a thumbs-up, wink-wink emoticon.

Bear in mind that this entire process -- of getting permanently banned from a forum for the crime of trying to spread information that may prove vital to the survival of the vast majority of humankind -- lasted under an hour. What can account for this? Could it be that the very tiny minority of humankind who control most of the wealth (as well as the politicians and media) have a vested interest in keeping us ignorant about matters of greatest importance? For rest assured, if there's a cataclysm coming, those people are taking measures to ensure they survive. Furthermore, they [David Rockefeller and his ilk] have made no bones about their wish for human depopulation.

Another good example would be my experience with YouTube. I had posted a video report about the space weather to my channel (after setting my location filter to "Australia", of course, as people in Korea are officially forbidden to upload videos to YouTube, or to comment on YouTube videos, for reasons that I leave you to ponder). After about 5 minutes of posting the link to my new video in comment sections, I started to get the following when I clicked the Post button: Error. Try again. I repeatedly got it 100 out of 100 times. Then, on the 101st try, after deleting both the sensitive link and any keywords relating to it -- in other words, a completely innocuous comment like "Love your vid, man!" -- I would get: Posted. Later, I would go back to find that the links I had successfully posted had been removed. If I logged in from a new URL, I would have about another 5 minutes to post my links before the filtering started again.

[Note: I have made a video showing this phenomenon. Unfortunately, I made the video using my iPhone and iMovie, which produces .m4v files, which LiveLeak doesn't accept (why is that?), so I need time to convert the video file into a LiveLeak-friendly format -- that or make the video again with a camera that doesn't constrain me to Macorporation Land.]

In the midst of demonstrating this YouTube censorship phenomenon to one of my classes, I had a senior professor whom I have long suspected of being a CIA payrollee barge into my class and announce that he would be observing it. (In five years of teaching at this university, I had, before that moment, never been observed.) Five minutes later, I called a break and told him he was not welcome and that he should leave, as technically I do not answer to him. He looked extremely agitated: literally sweating, his mouth a rictus of stress.

In the week following, he attempted to get me fired. He failed. I continued to educate my students about the space weather. One day, I left a classroom and found a nearby camera crew from one of the top 3 stations in Korea. They were interviewing a university official. I located the Producer (they all wear the same Producer costume: goatee, round spectacles, corduroy jacket with elbow patches, expensive jeans, patent leather shoes, LOL) and told him I had a really exciting scoop for him. I lured him into my classroom where the students were still fuming over the methods of awareness-control I had been exposing to them. I put one of my fliers into his hand. I told the students, "Hey guys! MBC producer!" He stood there, staring at the flier, the color draining from his face. The students squinted at him, fuming. In front of them, I denounced him as a traitor and demanded to know why I had to do his job for him. He did not react, did not reply. It was as if he was frozen to the spot. The students, having been raised in a very age-specific social hierarchy, did not attack him, but their anger was palpable. I left him standing there in the classroom and went back to my office now a Marked Man.

At that point, I grew afraid. The media outlets are owned and run by Rich People. Having been here a long time, and having for a stretch of time during the late 90s hung out with gangsters (arm-wrestled them for seafood and beer in their food tents run by retired prostitutes), I know perfectly well what can happen to a person who makes of himself a nuisance to Rich People. An emissary is sent to a certain bar or brothel with a profile and an envelope full of cash. Sooner or later, the mark is followed down a deserted street at night and snatched into a black car, or followed down a staircase and tripped up by an umbrella handle, or quickly knifed multiple times in a dense crowd.

So I decided to heed a tactic from the Art of War and strike at the least expected time, at the least expected place. In a country where it is no longer legal for 2 or more persons to demonstrate, even peaceably, against the current regime, I went to Seoul Metropolitan City Hall and staged a 1-man demonstration. I entered the lobby and began confronting the well-heeled with relevant information downloaded into my iPhone. They cursed me and ordered me to leave. Of course I refused and challenged them to legally remove me by force. I showed the information to every young staffer I encountered. The older and more senior persons present grew increasingly agitated. They refused to answer my questions about the lack of any public announcement regarding this information, and they ordered me, in increasingly threatful language, to leave. Finally, I approached the information desk, where 3 young female staffers were stationed in front of 3 computer screens. I showed them a relevant website, which they immediately began to read on their computers. At that point, an armed guard forcibly ejected me from City Hall, muttering threats. Outside, in front of the plate glass windows, I put down the department store shopping bag I had been carrying and removed from it a large butane torch and a can of lighter fluid; I squirted the lighter fluid, dousing the pavement 3 meters away from me with it. Then I ignited the torch. I mouthed to them that this would be the fate of any gangster that anyone chose to send after me. They glowered at me through the windows. I then went to a municipal police station, showed them the perfectly legal components of my weapon, and informed them why I was carrying them. They told me to be careful and advised that I drop my campaign to inform the public about space weather.

I did not. In fact, I pushed harder. I carried weapons with me everywhere. I felt that I was acting in accordance with directives from a higher power; there was no other explanation for the audacity and endurance that was being required of, and met by, me. All the while, I was being systematically targeted for various kinds of harassment at my university job. Also all the while, I noticed (and documented) many changes in the cultural landscape which indicated to me that we are in the midst of a transition into Chinese hands, as well the early stages of a reunification with North Korea. These indications included:

1. A BBC article, dated January 30, which appeared on (I believe this one has gone down the memory hole) reporting that President Lee Myung-bak had announced to BBC reporters that he intended to effect a full, unconditional (!) reunification of the Korean peninsula within this year.

2. A huge influx (noticed by many Korean citizens, as well as Korean- and Chinese-speaking foreigners) of ethnic Korean-Chinese immigrants. It is very common now to find these people working in department stores, convenience stores, and Chinese restaurants which now, instead of serving Korean-style Chinese food, as has always been the case, now serve Chinese food as it is usually prepared in the northern style. These people all have names that are obviously of Chinese origin and emphatically NOT Korean (although they are spelled in Hangul, the Korean alphabet), and they routinely deny that they are recent immigrants from China, and they have all (in my experience of playfully trying to vet them out, at least), have insisted, in curiously stiff, formal, and unnatural Korean: "I am a Korean citizen, sir. Here is your change, sir." They also share a distinctive accent when speaking Korean that many of my Korean friends and family have also noticed.

3. A massive advertising campaign in the public transportation system stressing traditional Confucian values of mutual respect, consideration for others before yourself, good manners in public (much needed here), cleanliness, orderliness, good hygiene, population control (We need a much higher ratio of old people to young by the year 2050! Guys, have you considered a vasectomy? They're reversible, you know!), "1910 - 2010: We've waited a hundred years for this moment!" (implying an end to Japanese and subsequent American colonization), posters attempting to correct misconceptions about China, posters explaining Kung Fu and Falun Gong, gigantic posters urging citizens to not only welcome foreigners but always to be on the lookout for foreigners in need of help and to help them accordingly (MUCH needed in this understandably xenophobic culture). This onslaught of weirdly positive and wholesome brainwashing coincided with a corresponding lack of soju, fried chicken, and shady investment product advertising. It resulted in a palpable improvement in the general public mood. I have been here over 14 years. I have never been so often approached by friendly locals and welcomed or offered assistance as in the last few months. Even the relatively few corporate ads that were permitted space were notable for their altruistic messages and their lack of using sex, class envy, etc. as psychological tools. Although the wave of public-service advertising has diminished considerably, this trend against psychologically manipulative advertising continues.

4. Chinese students at my university have confided to me that they are aware of their country's plans to (1) help effect Korean reunification, (2) manage [not occupy] the Korean economy, and (3) reap the obvious benefits of managing a peninsula so valuable that various invading powers have been warring over it for millennia. If you read the Tao Te Ching, which is at the core of the Chinese mind, you will encounter the exact opposite of Machiavellian politics. Chinese are not into profiting from senseless violence, from endless cycles of destruction and reconstruction. Nor are they into the West's endless spirals of false wealth creation, economic rape of the powerless and poor, and fiscal mismanagement. Despite having to deal with some very serious and difficult social problems, and despite not having a squeaky clean human rights record (impossible in a world that covets gold), their record shines compared to the range of atrocities committed by their Western counterparts. Of course I'm generalizing (as in the West, there are certainly factions of concentrated high power in the Chinese theater), all signs (including information from Ben Fulford) seem to point toward China establishing a more humane (if still not ideal) economic system in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Curiously enough, those same Chinese students, who are without exception more mature, more focused, and more knowledgeable about world affairs than their ADD-addled and grotesquely misinformed Korean peers, have also told me they now support China's internet censorship. Why? "Because of course the first thing we did when we came here was to visit all the sites we were denied access to ... and we don't want to see that stuff anyway, because what they usually block is stuff that is harmful to our minds." Like what? "Like pornography, and animal torture, and other content with a lot of senseless sex and violence." Oh. But you're not denied access to world news? "Of course not. The government encourages us to keep informed."

5. Lee Myung-Bak went to China in April and signed trade, military, and social agreements with Ho Jin-Tao. Kim Jong-Il was also present. Lee Myung-Bak's activities were not reported in the South Korean press; in fact, I had a hard time getting people to believe it, and had to translate English articles into Korean in order to persuade them. The public here were told that he had merely gone to attend an expo in Shanghai. The new ties were, however, reported, in English, on the South Korean government's English website.

6. Speculation: Less than two weeks before the South Korean naval disaster in late March, Henry Kissinger visited Seoul, ostensibly to speak at a "Defense Forum" about which no detailed information was provided. (I would suspect that the Forum was called to Defend the diminishing assets and control of elite Rich People -- perhaps the same who control the media, and also the same who, wishing to hold to the U.S.-enforced status quo that has prevailed here since 1945, and which has all their lives, until recently at least, served as their primary source of enrichment, artfully suppress public awareness of highly important information. More on this soon.) I doubt very much that Heinz Kissinger was here to enjoy the nice weather and dine on Korean haute cuisine. I think that Herr Kissinger came here on business, and Herr Kissinger's business is DEATH. Curiously enough, he came down with food poisoning and had to evacuate the country before the Defense Forum was held.

Soon after that, the boat sank. Early AP and Reuters articles clearly stated that the boat was carrying bombs and other munitions and that there was strong possibility that it had sunk as the result of an on-board explosion. KBS reported these facts and was quickly silenced. Over the next couple of days, all new news started pointing the finger at North Korea. No more mention of the boat's bombs, or of the fact that it was in contested waters, or of the fact that it fired in North Korea's direction (at a flock of birds), or of the fact that North Korea did not return fire. New information has surfaced which suggests that the boat was torpedoed by a U.S. nuclear sub permanently stationed in that area -- a submarine that also blew up and sank that very same day: a fact NEVER pursued by the mainstream media, neither here nor elsewhere. And yet the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea attended funeral services for a South Korean special forces soldier who was killed in a rescue attempt at the site of the submarine explosion. U.S. Navy Seals had refused the mission, claiming that it was too dangerous.

The "evidence" they trotted out -- a rusted-out German torpedo chassis, perfectly straight, not even bent, with "No. 1" written in Korean in red marker (in a font [LOL] similar to a font that is popular in the North) -- was so laughable as to elicit derision even from South Koreans, one of the most successfully brainwashed populaces on the face of the earth. The photograph of the evidence was so embarrassing that it quickly went down the memory hole. I have scoured the internet for it, just for the sake of enjoying a good laugh when I needed it, and I can't find it anywhere.

You have seen the ridiculous handling of this matter in the U.N. security council: "This is a strong message to the North!" -- even though they stopped short of actually blaming them. It's actually interesting to see such a transparent example of this kind of BAU charade.

So, the speculation: Kissinger basically ordered another Gulf-of-Tonkin-style incident in order to incite anger against the North, and by extension, anger at China for seeming to balk at taking action against the North -- a tactic to counteract the inevitable processes by which China is taking part, if not all, of this precious peninsula from them.

7. Many soldiers have told me the Army is building like crazy in the Southern provinces. Moreover, there are plans for the military to evacuate Seoul. This would seem to indicate a possible redrawing of the DMZ at a more southerly parallel.

Also, I have talked to three different high-ranking officers about to retire. All three of them told me that not only were they not going to return to the States, they were going to bring there families here and attempt to naturalize. When I asked why, they said they couldn't tell me everything, but that, suffice it to say, "It's the Roman Empire all over again: arrogance and overextension, just like I learned at West Point. I'm sure as hell glad I'm getting out now. And by the way, how can I get one of those university jobs? My pension ain't gonna hold out." One of them, however, got drunk enough that he finally said, "Fuck it. I'll say what I wanna say. Chavez was right. It was a goddamned machine that destroyed Haiti. Haiti was supposed to be the jump-off on Venezuela. But they're stupid, they're crazy, and I don't wanna be a part of it anymore."

When I asked if China was taking over, the response was unanimous and uniform: "I'm not at liberty to discuss that."

8. The $45-trillion lien that China helped effect against the Fed in December could easily be seen as the first domino in a chain reaction planned to transpire in such a way that the enemy more or less inevitably loses control of its Asian assets -- a bloodless transition, with no damage to precious cultural, academic, economic, financial, and military infrastructure. (Again, they're not into wanton destruction; they're into frugality, modesty, efficiency, peace. These values permeate their traditional culture and would go a long way toward explaining why their 15th-century naval fleet -- by far the most formidable and impressive the world had ever seen -- was burned to the ground upon returning from its mission of global surveyal. Perhaps the Emperor heard the report regarding how Western power brokers operated and wished to have nothing to do with that sort of thing. And who could blame him?)

9. One of the most telling clues, and certainly the most difficult for people to accept (even friends who will buy ANY conspiracy theory will have none of this, despite clear photographic evidence and other reliable indications): North Korea is not the backward hellhole it's made out to be, and Kim Jong-Il is not the nutjob tyrant that the Western corporate media portray in terms typically every bit as overblown and strident as anything you might read from Korean Central News. Basically, all you have to do is explore the place on Google Earth. It's really that simple. Go look at the massive farms, the country villages with huge gardens around every house. Look at pictures of the cities, the national parks, the temples, the citizenry. Consider that Americans can now travel at will there year-round and without having to pay inflated prices -- provided they enter from Beijing.

For the short course, please visit my site:

These are the main signs and portents. I don't pretend to have a complete understanding of the situation here, but so far, my speculations have been proving very accurate.

Now, back to the space weather media blackout. What can explain it? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Assume the following:

1. There is a massive power-shift transpiring right now: power is flowing from West to East, and this flow is inexorable.
2. Those who really rule the West (Rockefellers, Freemasons, Illuminati, what have you) are too arrogant to accept this and will unwittingly fight to the death, despite repeated attempts to negotiate a peaceful settlement with them.
3. Those suffering loss of power have the means to cause a great deal of misery to untold millions of people. They also desire a huge population reduction, to the tune of upwards of 4 billion people killed.
4. Space weather has the potential to knock out power grids worldwide, because the large transformers that keep the electricity flowing are extremely vulnerable to failure in the event of a G-5 event hitting our planet while its magnetosphere is compromised (there is a gaping hole in it). It has been estimated that some countries (mostly western ones) would have their power knocked out for upwards of 2 years. No electricity means no running water. Trucks demobilized by a G-5 event would no longer able to transport oil or food. There would soon be massive looting and extreme violence as people with no means to produce their own food or collect enough water for their survival would be contending for ever-shrinking supplies. Play this scenario out over a period of years and it is easy to imagine the target reduction of 4 billion+ people.

This is the only coherent explanation I have been able to find for the suppression of information on the dangers posed by solar activity.

There is a faction here -- one that controls the media -- which opposes the new paradigm.

There is another faction here -- one including the police and organized crime, as well as the current president -- that are working to effect the smoothest and most efficient transition possible into the new paradigm.

If you've had the patience to read everything I've laid out for you in this report: thank you.


Matthew Dewey


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