Alternative news reporter turns over cell phone to law enforcement to investigate Whistleblower emails in regards to the child porn set up

Alternative news reporter turns over cell phone to law enforcement to investigate Whistleblower emails in regards to the child porn set up

Brian D. Hill(left), Alex Jones(Center), and Stewart Rhodes(right)

Author: Sheila Dogwood

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Yesterday on Mar. 9, 2015, Brian D. Hill, the former USWGO Alternative News reporter and Founder, has given his cell phone to his Probation Officer due to what he filed in his last monthly Report that Mayodan Police Department had attempted to release a hard drive with child porn on it to Brian. His cell phone has received so far, three different Whistleblower Multimedia Message type emails in regards to Brian David Hill’s innocence to the charge of possession of Because one Whistleblower email had attachments which may actually contain child pornography, Brian couldn’t view the contents himself to aid in proving his Innocence, so he gave it to his Probation Officer so that a report can be created then filed regarding the incident. Whatever his PO Kristy Burton writes in her report may help aid in exonerating Brian to help clear his name. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the PO will do her job as law enforcement and help clear Brian’s name from the conviction by reporting actual truths and factual evidence.

His PO first of all did her job by sealing Brian’s cell phone in front of both him and his mother. According to a Brian has typed up then signed under Declaration, his PO came to Brian’s home to seize the cell phone( uploaded to Scribd) after he called her and informed her of possibly illicit attachments on his cell phone sent from the Whistleblower in an attempt to prove that Mayodan Police Department did indeed sent Brian a hard drive with child pornography on it as it may be apart of a plot to frame Brian D. Hill with child pornography in order to wreck Brian’s Appeal in the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Even the release of property from Mayodan was a little odd as the Federal Judge ordered all property that does not have any child pornography be released back to Brian upon conclusion of any Appeal. Mayodan Police wanting to all of the sudden release property while the Appeal was still in effect in contradiction to the Judge’s order in the criminal Judgment. The timing was odd and so was the fact that Brian received child pornography from the Police Department when they are supposed to be enforcing the law. The Police Department should not be sending hard drives with child porn on them to anybody. The hard drive was destroyed but the Whistleblower has access to evidence of what he claims was on the hard drive that Brian received from his Court Appointed lawyer Mark Jones. The authentication of the Whitleblower email attachments will have to be proven by comparing Brian’s 6-Page Declaration Statements and the additional 1-Page declaration that specifies some folders that Brian found which he believed contained child pornography. Some folders such as “sexy angels,” “teen f**kers,” “Lolitas and kids,” and other folders seem to pretty much describe what was in them and that would be nude photos of minors under the age of eighteen meant to be sexually gratifying. If the investigation by Kristy turns out to prove that the Whistleblower also had access to the same exact hard drive that was sent to Brian or knew what was being planted on it, it can help to clear his name or even with getting an acquittal by a Jury when petitioning for a New Trial.

Brian reported the child porn to law enforcement, answered his PO’s questions, and even volunteered to turn over the cell phone proves that Brian is protected under the exemption under the Federal Child Pornography law that says reporting child porn to a law enforcement agency and turning over the material to the law enforcement agency or officers is a affirmative defense under the law.

18 U.S. Code SubSection 2252A – Certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography

(d) Affirmative Defense. It shall be an affirmative defense to a charge of violating subsection (a)(5) that the defendant-

(1) possessed less than three images of child pornography; and

(2) promptly and in good faith, and without retaining or allowing any person, other than a law enforcement agency, to access any image or copy thereof-

(A) took reasonable steps to destroy each such image; or

(B) reported the matter to a law enforcement agency and afforded that agency access to each such image.

Brian complied with that section of the law by reporting to his Probation Officer, the Whistleblower message and that the attachments may contain child pornography. In fact if the investigation authenticates the message and confirms Brian’s Declaratory statements then this may begin to prove Brian was actually Innocent of knowingly and intentionally possessing child pornography and innocent of the elements of the charge. Being framed with child pornography does not make the frame-up victim guilty. Possession may be technical but the suspect never intended to possess the child porn. Is somebody really guilty of knowingly possessing child pornography when being framed? No! No competent or moral jury in a court of law will ever convict an Innocent man upon any evidence of actual innocence or even reasonable doubt. If Brian were to use the Whistleblower emails and his report to law enforcement as a defense, would a Jury acquit Brian David Hill of the charge? Most likely depending on level of evidence that can prove a shadow of doubt. Would the defense prove actual Innocence for a Actual Innocence grounds for a Habeas Corpus proceeding? Well it gets a little more complicated then that however proving actual innocence can have a defendant acquitted of the criminal conviction.

The Declaration by Brian also reveals that a private Attorney has taken an interest in helping to clear Brian’s name and overturn his criminal conviction in the U.S. District Court. Her name is Cynthia Everson of the If she does indeed file the initial then this will be Brian’s second private attorney that has helped Brian through a tough legal battle. His first attorney happened to be which represented Brian named as a Defendant in a civil suit that was filed against him. Cynthia however will be representing Brian in a legal matter far more serious then just a simple victim of a Federal lawsuit. She has her work cut out for her however that is her job as a criminal defense lawyer. I am sure many are confident that Brian’s case will be beat as a private attorney, even one working without being paid, will represent somebodies Innocence far greater then a public defender that is designed to just persuade every defendant to take the guilty plea, and stick with it.

Brian would have to be Innocent to even want to challenge a federal conviction with a prison sentence of Time Served in a bid to overturn his conviction. Brian even attempting an Appeal puts him at risk of going back to Federal prison except this time it wouldn’t be for a mental evaluation at FCI-1 Butner, NC. It would be prison time for real and likely in maximum security since Brian is accused of a sex offense that will likely set off alarm bells under the Prison Rape Elimination Act(PREA) even though Brian is a virgin that has never raped anybody. Sex Offenders receive more discrimination then any other convict in the Prison Industrial Complex. Brian is risking his own life trying to clear his name and gain his reputation back from the grave. None of this is a game, it may be a game to the global elites but not a game to Brian where his own life is at stake.

Brian has typed up a response via a .txt file which he gave to his mother to send to my email address explaining what happened. It has been a bit edited to correct spelling and grammar. Any sensitive information has been removed for the protection of Brian and his family.

To Shiela Dogwood,

I won’t be able to be texted at this time since my phone has been officially seized by the U.S. Probation Office after I requested that they investigate the text messages I am receiving regarding my frame up on child pornography. My grandparents are ordering a new phone for me to use which you can text after Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Go ahead and publish a article about what just happened. Publish the report and the copy of the receipt by Kristy Burton. If you need to tell me anything then send my mother a email at (REDACTED) or wait until I text you with the new Tracfone.

It is critical that media be involved NOW. I have backed the enemy into a corner and they will attempt to strike me down until I am dead or in a mental hospital. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU GET EVERY MEMBER OF THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA INVOLVED AT THIS POINT. Multiple people are giving me warnings to be careful as I backed the enemy into a corner and they will do whatever it takes to strike me.

If this gets out then Mayodan Police will likely get raided by the Probation Office and the FBI. Then Mayodan will be inquired on making a false police report or adding false information in their police reports and on sending me a hard drive with child porn. The U.S Attorney’s conviction case is falling apart. Now is the time that people across America fight for me right now as it will force the government to drop my conviction. Now it is VERY CRITICAL, They could set me up for a Probation Violation or they will exonerate me. My life is on the line right now and I can be shot dead. Public oversight is needed ASAP.

Alpha Delta, Tango!!!!!! The enemy is coming and we must fight to beat the enemy before they destroy me. They don’t want me overturning my conviction.


Brian David Hill

Former USWGO Alternative News reporter and founder

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