Violent robbery- video of citizen's arrest- Old Town, Wrocław, Poland

Violent robbery- video of citizen's arrest- Old Town, Wrocław, Poland

19.04.2016 tuesday, about 7am
I could hear sbd screaming "aaa, hel, help me" from the tunnel. I've decided to jump the lights to find out what was happening. In a tunnel i could hear sreams from the pedestrians tunnel. Woman I met first told me, that girl's purse was stolen, and that two women beat purse owner. I went after them knowing that I was chasing criminals according to the Polish law. After I knocked them down, they got up and tried to run away. Two women, dirty, sloppy, with many scares at their hands, aged ~17-20yo. I could smell that they were drunk. They'd been trying to escape multiple times before the police came. They were swearing and threatening "fuck off, if you touch me I'll bite you","leave me alone, fuck, I'll punch you in the face". One of them tried to run on the street in front of oncoming traffic. Both denied to stay in one place. When I eventually made them sit, they started to smoke found broken dirty srap of the cigarette.
Police came after 2-3mins.
Victim: underaged (17yo) high school student, on her way to school.
Two junkies attacked her, pulled her hair and stole her bag.
It's worth mentioning helpful and brave women, who helped with aggressive girls.
Police found bunch of plucked hair that one of criminals brought in her hand.
Police told us that they were probably addicts, and offered alcohol-based gel to clean our hands :D
4 people winessed whole action
I broke the Polish road law in order to restore victim's property and catch criminals.
citizen's arrest is legal in Poland, especially when there's high probability that criminal will escape, and when it's unlikely to identify him.

I didn't run them over. In slo-mo you can see me trying to grab the one that was holding the bag, then jumped from the bike and it fell on the right side. I tripped over and caught the bag (in order to prevent the other girl from taking it)

According to media:
"arrested women were 19 and 23yo. They were both previously convicted. Now they're facing charges of robbery. They face up to 12 years in prison.



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Tags: Violent robbery- video of citizen\'s arrest- Old Town, Wrocław, Poland

Location: Wrocław, Poland

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