Nobody cares

Nobody cares

Nobody cares: flotilla failure

Nobody cares that 10 people were killed when Israeli Defense Forces stormed an illegal flotilla headed to Gaza. This presumably “peaceful” group of protesters met an elite Israeli army unit with enough force to critically injure 2 soldiers and wound another 6 before they finally used some force.

I believe the reason nobody cares is because the world is beginning to see that the “Palestinian cause” does not what peace with Israel. Rather; sees success in a war of attrition that will destroy both countries. Don’t forget, martyrdom is an aspired tenant of radical Islam.

The world would be much more sympathetic if we saw a “Palestinian” situation that more resembled Apartheid South Africa or any number other of beleaguered places in the world, ruled by insane despots whose constituents lack basic freedoms of speech, religion and equal rights. Maybe if they were being chased out of “Palestine” by violent tribal warfare, ethnic cleansing or marauding bands of goons on horseback hired by the Israeli government – then you might get their attention.

The world would be much more sympathetic if the IDF was using its superior fire-power to clear the way for an Israeli state across the greater pan-Arab peninsula, kidnapping detractors, engaging in torture, bombing civilians (not inadvertently killing civilians or causing collateral damage). Nobody is being fooled when the “Palestinians” charge Israel of targeting civilians when in reality they were killed as a result of collateral damage

Who do you think is stopping the “settlers” from taking over Jedea and Shomron? Not the “Palestinians”, certainly not the Gazans, it’s not their supporters or their arms smugglers. It’s the United States, Europe and sometimes the UN (when their not too busy letting Hezbollah rearm to even greater levels than before 2006).

I think if “Palestinians” were truly an egalitarian society that pursued non-violent protest, condemned & punished terrorism, condemned inciting hatred with TV programs and fanatical religious sermons, allowed freedom of speech, religion, and sexual orientation, insured equal rights for all its citizens and the most important – preached & promoted a society where Jews and Arabs lived together – I BELIEVE THEY WOULD HAVE REACHED THEIR GOAL OF A SOVERGN STATE BY NOW.

Instead what we have a society that is condemning their children to the same fate as their parents.


By: the-dude (97.96)

Tags: flotilla, lie, palestinian, terrorism, IDF, israeli, real story, truth

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