A Video YouTube Removed For "Hate Speech"

A Video YouTube Removed For "Hate Speech"

This video ends due to the battery dying, not me stopping it. I made a video series called "Defending Tommy Robinson From Stealth Muslim Attack" last night. Within a couple of hours, the first one was pulled. So fast was it pulled that I STILL actually have the first few minutes still up on YouTube that you will see in THIS video. Once I move to another page, that video will be gone for good. Anyway, I made two versions of this great Islam exposing video series that not only exposes Islam, but, supports modern day hero, Tommy Robinson, for his trying to defend our freedom of speech and expression in a world that is becoming more Islam (sharia) compliant by the hour. The version of it on my Nallanyesmar YouTube account has been removed, but, the version I have on my DragonDriver100 account (which was live streamed while MAKING the first video that was pulled), is STILL up on YouTube as I write this. I'll be posting the links TO those two versions that still remain ON YouTube either in this description (if LiveLeak will allow it), OR, I will post it in the comment section OF this video you are now seeing IF you want to see whether or not YouTube is RIGHT about it being "hate speech' OR, if YouTube is now completely owned by Muslims to the point where it is getting harder and harder to speak your mind about Islam and heroic Tommy Robinson. Just look for "Rammat" in the comment section of this video IF LiveLeak won't allow it in the description. I'm not going to agree to YouTube's caving in to Muslim Sharia (Islamic law), thus, I won't be using my Nallanyesmar YouTube account EVER again. As far as I'm concern, that 12 year old account is already dead. For one thing, I did that already as DragonDriver100 when YouTube pulled off my last video FROM my DragonDriver100 account, and, in doing so, became more of Muslim and less true to myself (like Islam wants from us). YouTube still screwed me ON my DragonDriver100 account by doing other things that line up with Sharia which I'll talk about some other time (I made a video about it already). Anyway, this all does not bode well for those who love freedom of speech and expression, but, bodes VERY well for Islamic intimidation and terrorism. I'll try to post links to the live streamed version of "Defending Tommy Robinson From Stealth Muslim Attack", parts 1 AND 2 here, and, if you are truthful, you will see there is NO "hate speech" from me when questioning the stealth Muslim's attack on Tommy Robinson. You will see there is NO "hate speech" from me AT all in the series YouTube pulled off. YouTube is just under the power of Islam is all. Here are the links that YouTube still haven't pulled off, possibly because Muslims just haven't come upon them yet:
By the way. What does that tell you about Islam when it can ONLY be defended by pulling off videos by labeling them as "hate speech"? What DOES that tell you?


By: Rammat (1824.40)

Tags: Liveleakers, Tommy Robinson, YouTube, sharia compliant, Muslim take over, freedom of speech, expression, censorship, Islamic intimidation, intolerance,

Location: California, USA

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