Moslems in India today

Moslems in India today

I am currently visiting India, and last night after meeting my lawyer in Andheri, I took the metro from Azad Nagar to Ghatkopar. When I boarded the train, I saw an empty seat with a woman's hand-bag on it, next to it was a burqa clad woman and her man.

The metro trains have 2 rows of seats along its walls, and given this is Mumbai, one of the most populated cities in the world, finding a seat in public transportation is rare.

I naturally politely asked the woman to move her bag, which she did. But then she and her man stood up, vacating both their seats.

I was taken aback, I use a versace perfume, and I dress decently, there is nothing in my appearance or demeanor to require any person to be repelled from me to the extent of vacating their seats in a train. And I am an American, Indians as a rule, smell a ton more funkier.

But obviously me being a man, and an infidel Hindu in the HINDUSTAN (land of Hindus aka India), renders it impermissible for a pious Moslem women to sit next to. Some Moslem youth were standing nearby and they gladly seized the opportunity granted by the religious fervor of the man and his burqa clad woman to sit down in the 2 seats they had vacated.

In further continuance of the farce, the row opposite to us, 3 seats vacated, but there were men on either side of the 3 vacant seats. So Jamila Banu (random Moslem name) and her man waited, till a woman grabbed a seat, then she sat next to the woman and her man next to her.

I was flabbergasted, what was Jamila Banu thinking? She was going to be groped by the decently dressed office goers in the middle of the metro train, which is policed by Machine gun weilding paramilitary officers at every point and has CCTV surveillance every where? Or was it that she and her man felt she was a bitch in heat who could not control her urges and would succumb to the questionable charms of the man sitting next to her and proceed to unzip him and blow him right then and there???

How the hell does it make sense?

It was hella hot yesterday evening too, and humid. Take a fat California blonde in such climate (- like the ones we all have dated but never admitted to dating to our friends), and the blonde will have enough yeast infection to fuel all the Baguettes and Croissants made in Paris for a year!

But Jamila Banu was wearing a full black burqa, with her face exposed. And it was a smurf face... you know, beady eyes, hooked nose, about as attractive as a Gibbon's butt after diarrhea. So isn't the burqa supposed to protect the woman's modesty from the lecherous eyes of men - specifically her father, brothers, father in law and other family members (read the Saudi fatwa which requires 6 month old girls to be covered to be protected from the carnal urges of their fathers... its real!).

But the interesting side question is: what if the woman is so fugly, that she has an "ice bucket effect" (on the aroused groin of a man... get it?). Do fugly women need to wear the burqa too?

Maybe we can pay an Imam to issue a fatwa to this effect: "Fugly women don't need to wear coverings, since men won't look at them!"

Maybe this will lead to genetic selection of ugly women in the ummah, since Moslem parents would breed ugly or disfigure their women...

But jokes apart, these days religious fervor has the ummah in a furor in Mumbai. I visited this place 18 years ago, and I remember one of my mom's friends - a moslem woman who was a teacher, and her husband was an engineer. She was the loudest of the lot, wore large gold jewelry and was flamboyant. She sang and danced, and pooh-pooh'ed the conservatives.

She would be freaking crucified by the ummah these days. It is like the Islamic march towards modernism halted in the 1970's and 80's, and the regression to 7th century pillager values started in the 90's thanks to the concentrated efforts of Madrassas funded by the Saudis.

Maulvis' - lower level catechism instructors went from madrassas to homes in middle class neighborhoods and spread the salafist poison.

Women who used to wear normal dresses in the 1980's and 1990's, now when I met them, are wearing full burqas. And the way they talk is significantly different.

Whereas in the 80's and 90's they quoted the popular dialogues from Hindi movies of Amitabh Bacchan, now they have to include words like Alhamdullillah and Insha-allah and what ever - 5 times in each sentence.

Statements like "So and so is a good man, he performs his namaz and is pious." Out goes the traditional value of measuring a man for his education, work and ability to provide for his family.

And yeah, these days, if you talk to a moslem, at some point or the other, they will definitely ask you to convert to Islam. It is an edict that they are required to follow.

And these are Indian Moslems, people who were forcibly converted by marauding nomads from the desert, not imports from North Africa or the middle east. These are short, skinny, brown Moslems, but their fervor is this high. I can only imagine what the Moslems from the Maghreb would be like!


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