Brans 2018 Gardensay and Tshirtsay. Second attempt..

Brans 2018 Gardensay and Tshirtsay. Second attempt..

Watch this. I aint bothered one bit if you hate shouldnt watch..
I bought the two T`s and thought i would show Cherry even still around?
Love yer sloop!xoxoxo
Me garden is better than almost everyone elses..i dislike everyone cutting their grass wildlife on a short lawn..loads of cool stuff grubbing about in MY undergrowth.

I wish i could remember to watch the bastard TW ever reminds me..about 10 minutes before would be i can set up me commode and get me food/drink ready..i am bored of waiting for this to must write..
Little girl and boy walking through a cow field..they find a used and think a cows tit has fallen off..they knock on the farmers door and the farmer answers.."We found this cows tit in yer field mate"..Farmer looks shocked..pulls the door to a bit so his mrs cant see the he used with the the kids a fiver and says.."If yer find anymore..bring em to me but dont let the mrs see, it would upset her" go off happy as larry..Girl looks at boy.."Five quid for one tit!"..Boy says.." bet it would have been a tenner if we hadnt drunk the milk out of it first"...boom boom.
..95%..Little boy and girl walking through park..boy says "I need a pee..dont look"..he faces away and starts peeing..girl looks and says.."My dad has two of those..a small one for peeing..and a big one for brushing the Au pairs teeth.."

Hello again 2nd attempt to upload this wondrous vision for you..lets keep our fingers crossed eh.
Anyway..dont have wmm on this computer..tried the new bastard and loads of others but they are all sneaky cunts..then today..the 5th[made vid 2nd],found it on me old computer..Trishas here we go...36% we go again..someone else told my only other joke in a comment already no more jokes..weathers been good..bit cloudy today but still warm and dry..cats had a frog the other night..i was on the puter off me head..on meds..kept thinking i could hear "Charleston" type music..turned out to be a screaming frog when i took me headphones off..weird eh?..frog was fine..went out at 3.00am in barefeet and boxers to stick it back in the pond..trod on a few slugs..those cats cost me twenty minutes of valuable LL time.
I keep missing the show..oh..already done that..i wonder how much of this anyone will read?..
Some blocked me for viting up and down on the Ukraine channel..i dont think i have ever been to the Ukraine channel..i wont block them back though..only spazzers block..and Hayden of course..he has me blocked..Graeme doesnt yet but probably will when he see me vid..
I forgot to show the bastard triggerwarning mug i bought ..bugger..expect a very short vid in the future..61%..
Triggerwarning is cool..i especially like the really funny ones..when all they do in the studio is talk bollocks..its exactly like that when the show isnt on.
71%..I wish i had thought of getting up and walking around while this bastard was bastard back is hurting like a papercut on yer bellend..
Anyone still there?..Hello?..If you are stay this may want to know that i did some footage of our day out to visit a couple of old Cornish churches..both are built onto 12thC churches..just expanded..later medieval add ons..pretty cool..89%!!!99%.

poll: Do yer fink i am sexy?

Oh i wish i wish i wish!..Nah..yer fat bugger.
None of the above
Nope..i prefer a lovely sow badger with big eyelashes and cute eyes.
Since i saw the last poll..of course bran!..."Off his fucking meds again."
Yes but..will you be gentle?
Gimme some sugar baby.
Fuck yoo bran..this poll is shite! are so fine..
No yer a big fat ugly cunt.
All of the above

poll: So anyway..what do you really think of my garden...

Yes i think you are sexy as a sexy thing matey..[women only answer this ..if its yes..if its no..dont answer it at all.]
Holy fuck i hate you bran.
Its a bastard tip.
What garden..who are you?
If you would show us some prove you have that bastard garden for a reason..
Love it.
You cockwomble!


By: bran (3683.38)

Tags: yoursay, liveleakers, lovely..Trisha...cats..etc ad infinitum..blah blah.Triggerwarning, failed upload..trying again..oh great me in my time of need!..bugger the interwebz..i wish they had never been invented.74%..

Location: Launceston,Cornwall.

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